DVT in the veins

Discovering New Techniques

From researching genetic markers that indicate future vascular disease to developing drug therapies and evaluating novel devices, Fireman Vascular Center researchers are revolutionizing the treatment of vascular disease.

Our research focuses on:

  • Evaluating the efficacy of different ways to diagnose vascular conditions
  • Designing, developing and evaluating novel drugs and devices
  • Developing new and effective methods of training clinicians around the world on advances in diagnosis and therapy of vascular disease

Advanced Treatments Through Clinical Trials

Our physicians are principal investigators in national clinical trials to improve care for patients with vascular disease, including one that was a determining factor in the FDA approval of stents used in the renal (kidney) arteries. These innovative clinical trials bring new technologies to the bedside and give patients the opportunity to partner with their physicians to advance care. View our clinical trials

Research in All Areas of Vascular Disease

Aortic Disease

Fireman Vascular Center physicians are currently investigating fenestrated stent grafts, a new type of stent that has potential to extend endovascular stent graft technology to patients with more complicated abdominal aortic aneurysms. This novel device will allow more patients to be candidates for minimally invasive procedures.

Mass General is one of the founders of the International Registry of Aortic Dissection (IRAD), a consortium of research centers evaluating the management of acute aortic dissection. Learn more about the Aortic Disease Program

Brain Aneurysm and Arteriovenous Malformations (AVMs)

Our research evaluates the use of different types of medical devices, and compares surgical to endovascular approaches in the treatment of unruptured brain aneurysms.

Fireman Vascular Center physicians are among the few in the nation to identify new treatments for AVMs, a rare condition involving tangles of abnormal blood vessels. Learn more about the Brain Aneurysm and Arteriovenous Malformations Program

Peripheral Artery Disease

Researchers at the Fireman Vascular Center participate in major clinical studies to develop new technologies to treat peripheral artery disease (PAD). As leaders in PAD clinical trials, our physicians have investigated numerous innovations, including stem cell-based therapies as an alternative to surgery for advanced PAD. Learn more about the Peripheral Artery Disease Program

Stroke and Carotid Artery Disease

Our researchers are discovering medical breakthroughs in the diagnosis and treatment of carotid artery disease and stroke. Internationally recognized investigators are conducting translational research to identify genetic markers that predict a patient’s risk of stroke.

Two of our physicians are principal investigators for national clinical trials that evaluate the effectiveness of carotid endarterectomy versus minimally invasive carotid artery stenting. Learn more about the Stroke and Carotid Artery Disease Program

Venous Disease

Fireman Vascular Center physicians are finding new ways to treat and prevent deep vein thrombosis and complications from varicose veins. We are currently one of a select group of centers throughout the United States to evaluate thrombolysis (using medication to dissolve blood clots) with catheter-based thrombectomy (a minimally invasive removal of blood clots) on extensive vein blood clots in the legs. This study is funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Learn more about the Venous Disease Program

Renal and Mesenteric Vascular Disease

Our clinicians vigorously pursue improved treatments for patients with renal and intestinal artery narrowing, comparing blood pressure medications, stent placement and distal protection devices for the treatment of visceral vascular disease, the narrowing or blockage of arteries that supply blood to the intestines or kidneys. Learn more about the Visceral Vascular Disease Program

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