Improving Your Vascular Health

Throughout your treatment, you’ll be supported by nurses specially trained to care for patients with complex vascular conditions. Working side by side with your physician, our nurses help develop a comprehensive care plan that monitors your progress, guides you through treatment options, alleviates pain, supports healthy lifestyle changes and helps you successfully manage your condition.

Patients Come First

Our nurses improve vascular health by focusing on you. We promote vascular health through a holistic approach to care, taking your physical and emotional needs into consideration.

As culturally sensitive caregivers, we respect and celebrate the individuality of each patient. Together with you and your family, your nurse will offer care based on your individual goals and lifestyle.

Bringing Together Diverse Perspectives

Patients achieve better outcomes when their caregivers work as a team. That’s why we’ve brought together nurses from the full spectrum of vascular specialties, partnering with physician specialists to determine the best course of care. As a patient of the Fireman Vascular Center, you’ll meet nurses from across seven specialties, each trained in a specific area of vascular care, such as cardiac surgery, cardiology/vascular medicine, nephrology, neurology, neurosurgery, vascular and endovascular surgery and vascular radiology.

Magnet Award-Winning Nurses

Mass General was the first hospital in Massachusetts to achieve Magnet status, one of the highest honors for nursing practice by the American Nurses Association. The Magnet program recognizes hospitals that exemplify nursing excellence based on five principles, including:

  • Transformational leadership
  • Structural empowerment
  • Exemplary professional practice
  • New knowledge, innovations and improvements
  • Empirical outcomes

Learn more about Magnet as well as other Fireman Vascular Center awards

Nurses at the Fireman Vascular Center also teach other clinicians about best practices in vascular care. Through continuing medical education courses, conferences and public awareness events, our nurses improve care by educating the community.

Vascular Nursing Research

More than 350 of our nurses are considered advanced clinicians or clinical scholars recognized for their nursing expertise. Many of these clinical scholars are also participating in research and discovering new ways to speed recovery from vascular complications or conditions. Some of their recent studies include:

  • The effect of pet therapy in reducing anxiety in vascular patients
  • The physical and psychological benefits of therapeutic touch versus touch therapy, a gentle energy-based therapy
  • The efficacy of treatments to improve wound healing
  • The development of an instrument to measure the quality of the nurse/patient relationship

Learn more about research and clinical trials at the Fireman Vascular Center

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