Advancing Innovation in Vascular Medicine

SupportOur leading specialists advance the field of vascular medicine while providing outstanding patient care.

The Fireman Vascular Center at the Massachusetts General Hospital lives up to a long tradition of excellence in clinical care, research and education. Nationally and internationally recognized physicians from seven disciplines work together to provide patients with the most advanced treatment options for vascular conditions.

Our physicians are renowned for establishing contemporary artery and venous reconstructive surgery, perfecting aortic surgery techniques, and leading the development of carotid stent therapy in New England. Whether the Fireman Vascular Center is involved in exciting new research on spinal cord injury or studying the genetic basis of intracranial aneurysms, we are committed to helping patients and their families in the generations to come.

Making a Difference

Our goal is to offer the best evaluation and treatment strategies possible — including optimum medical management, conventional surgeries, minimally invasive interventions and clinical trials for selected patients.

We believe that our integrated approach fosters innovative thinking and ensures the best possible care for every patient. But we need your help. When you support the Mass General Fireman Vascular Center, you are making a significant contribution to advancing these goals.

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