These guidelines are important information for Mass General volunteers.

Medical Requirements

The Massachusetts General Hospital Volunteer Department requires all new volunteers and volunteers who have not been actively volunteering for the past six months or more to submit a recent (last three months) Tuberculosis (TB/PPD) test result. The result must state "date placed" and "date read."  For volunteers who had a BCG vaccine you will be required to complete an annual symptom analysis form.

Each fall you will be required to submit documentation of the flu shot. Specific volunteer areas may require additional medical screening.

HIPAA and Safety Requirements

The Massachusetts General Hospital Volunteer Department requires all volunteers to complete the HIPAA and safety test annually. This provides an annual review and test of hand hygiene, standard precautions, fire safety, HIPAA, patient confidentiality, and police and security protocols.

Cell Phones/Beeper/Pager

Patient safety is our priority. The use of cell phones and other electronic devices is not permitted while you are volunteering. Cellular phones and other devices interfere with some patient care equipment. Please secure all cell phones and other devices in the lockers provided to you by the Volunteer Department.

If an emergency arises and your family member needs to reach you while you are volunteering, please provide them with the Volunteer Department’s telephone number (617-726-8540) and we will get the message to you.

Dress Code

Volunteers are in a patient serving role and how we represent Mass General and the Volunteer Department is of utmost importance. Our dress code prohibits the wearing of jeans or denim of any color, sweatshirt/pants, exercise/workout pants, shorts, hats, sunglasses, printed T-shirts, short skirts/dresses (anything above the knee) and open-toed shoes.

Volunteers are required to wear a volunteer jacket while volunteering. Each volunteer is responsible for keeping his or her own jacket clean and wrinkle-free. Because of security reasons please do not leave your jacket at Mass General each week.

Once you have left your position as a volunteer, you have 90 days to return your jacket and receive your original $15 deposit. If the jacket is clean, you will receive a full refund of $15. If the jacket is soiled, the deposit will be reduced to $10 to cover the cost of cleaning the jacket.

If you return the jacket after 90 days, we will not refund the deposit but are happy to accept the jacket back for use in the program.


Absences are an inevitable part of volunteering. There will be times that it will be difficult for you to make your scheduled shift.

Please call the Volunteer Department at 617-726-8540 or email us at as soon as you know you will not be able to make it to your shift. You are welcome to make up your shift on another day of the week. Please be sure to check with your volunteer area before coming in for a makeup shift.