U.S. Virtual Magic Wand® (VMW) Participants


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Allison Robbins, MD

      Brown University | Rhode Island Hospital

Andrew Park, MD, MBA

      University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Arlene Ruiz de Luzuriaga, MD, MPH, MBA

      University of Chicago

Colleen Cotton, MD

      Medical University of South Carolina

Daniel Schlessinger, MD

Washington University

David Li, MD, MBA 

      Harvard Combined Dermatology Residency Training Program

Dawn Zhang Eichenfield, MD, PhD 

        Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego | UC San Diego School of Medicine

Elena Pope, MD, MSc, FRCPC

        University of Toronto | Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

Eric Yang, MD

      Brown University

Ian Ferguson, MD

      Washington University

John S. Barbieri, MD, MBA

      Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Julia Arzeno, MD

        University of California,
      Los Angeles

Katharina S. Shaw, MD

  • New York University

Kevin Patel, MD

      The University of Texas at Austin

Laura Gardner, MD

      Vanderbilt University

Morgan Murphrey, MD

        University of California,

Nicole Gunasekera, MD, MBA

      Harvard Combined Dermatology Training Program

Nikolai Klebanov, MD

      Harvard Combined Dermatology Training Program

Sally Tan, MD, MPH

        University of California, San Francisco

Spyros Siscos, MD

      University of Kansas Medical Center

Sungat Grewal, MD

      University of California, San Francisco

Tim Durso, MD

  • Loyola University/Chicago

Sara Hogan, MD, MHS, FAAD

  • Loyola University/Chicago
  • Cleveland Clinic

Inyoung Kim, MD, PhD

  • University of Chicago
  • Case Western University

Ming Lee, MD

  • Emory University
  • Boston University

Xiaoxiao Li, MD, PhD

  • University of Texas/Southwestern
  • University of Pittsburgh

Jean-Phillip Okhovat, MD, MPH

  • University of California/Los Angeles
  • University of Maryland

Jigar Patel, MD

  • Eastern VA Medical School
  • Duke University

Aditi Sharma, MD

  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • University of California/Irvine

Divya Sharma, MD

  • College of New Jersey/Rutgers
  • Brown University

Kumar Sukhdeo, MD, PhD

  • Case Western University
  • New York University

Usama Syed, MD

  • Imperial College/London
  • Mount Sinai University

Olivia Twu, MD, PhD

  • University of California/Los Angeles
  • University of California/San Francisco

Raj Varma, MD

  • University of Alabama/Birmingham
  • University of Alabama/Birmingham

Reid Waldman, MD, PhD

  • University of Missouri/Kansas City
  • University of Connecticut

Olga Afanasiev, MD

  • University of Washington
  • Stanford University

Omar Badri, MD

  • Harvard University
  • BWH/Harvard Combined

Spencer Bezalel, MD

  • University of South Florida
  • Mayo Clinic

Afton Chavez, MD

  • Dartmouth University
  • Brown University

Matthew Hand, MD

  • University of Washington
  • University of Utah

Sheila Jalalat, MD

  • University of Texas
  • University of South Florida

Stephanie Klein, MD, FAAD

  • University of Utah
  • Medical College of Wisconsin

Kaveri Korgavkar, MD

  • University of Michigan
  • Brown University

Neal Kumar, MD

  • Tufts University
  • Rush University

Ivy Lee, MD, FAAD

  • University of California/San Francisco
  • Georgetown University

Kachiu Lee, MD, MPH

  • Northwestern University
  • Brown University

Neera Nathan, MD

  • George Washington University
  • Harvard Combined

Joshua Owen, MD

  • University of Texas/Southwestern
  • Northwestern University

Jennifer Powers, MD, FAAD

  • Vanderbilt University
  • Boston University

Priyanka Vedak, MD

  • Boston University
  • Harvard Combined

Joel Sunshine, MD

  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Northwestern University

European Virtual Magic Wand® Participants

MWI Consultants/Speakers/Presenters

  • James Allred, Dermatologist at Graves Gilbert Clinic, CEO & Founder Initium Innovations Inc.
  • Maryam Asgari, Professor of Dermatology, Harvard Medical School
  • Mathew Avram, Director, Mass General Laser, Cosmetics & Dermatologic Surgery
  • Ashish Bhatia, Director of Dermatologic, Laser & Cosmetic Surgery at Oak Dermatology
  • Angela Christiano, Professor at Columbia University Medical Center
  • Jordan Cummins, Dermatologist and Clinical Director of MassDerm Associates
  • Seemal Desai, Dermatologist and Owner, Innovative Dermatology
  • John Doux, Member of the Program Committee for Dermatology Summit conferences from Advancing Innovation in Dermatology
  • Lynn Drake, Lecturer in Dermatology, Mass General
  • Dan Eisen, Director of Dermatologic Surgery and Head of the Micrographic and Dermatologic Oncology Fellowship Program, UC Davis
  • Pat Fortune, VP Market Sectors, Mass General Brigham Innovation
  • Barbara Gilchrest, Former President of the Society for Investigative Dermatology, editor-in-chief of The Journal of Investigative Dermatology
  • Ernesto Gonzalez, Dermatologist and Professor in Dermatology at Mass General
  • Eddie Hsia, VP, External Research & Innovation, Almirall
  • Sylvia Hsu, Chair of Dermatology, Temple
  • Jennifer Huang, Pediatric Dermatologist, specializing in cancer, Boston Childrens Hospital, Program Director, Harvard Dermatology Residency Program
  • William James, Editor in Chief, Medscape Dermatology Reference, previous President of AAD Dermatologist and Professor of Dermatology, Penn Medicine
  • Bill Ju, Co-founder, President, Trustee, Advancing Innovation in Dermatology
  • Kasper Juul, Director, External Innovation, LEO Pharma
  • Brandon Kirsch, Dermatologist in Naples FL, Kirsch Dermatology, President & CEO of ClearifiRX
  • Justin Ko, Chief of Medical Dermatology, Dermatologist and Associate Professor of Dermatology, Stanford
  • Daniela Kroshinsky, Director of Inpatient & Pediatric Dermatology, Mass General, Associate Professor of Dermatology at HMS
  • Helena Kuhn, Assistant Professor, Brown Dermatology
  • Joe Kvedar, Vice President, Connected Health, Mass General Brigham, Professor of Dermatology, Harvard Professor of Dermatology at HMS
  • Duke Leahey, CEO Synthetic Vector Designs
  • Adam Lipworth, Assistant Professor of Dermatology, Harvard Chair of Lahey Health Dermatology
  • Markham Luke, Supervisory Physician, US Dept. of Health & Human Services
  • Dieter Manstein, co-Inventor of CoolSculpting & Fraxel Assistant Professor of Dermatology at HMS
  • Suzanne Olbricht, Past president of the AAD, current Chief of Dermatology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), Associate Professor of Dermatology at HMS
  • Clark Otley, Chief Medical Officer of Mayo Clinic Platform Dermatologist and Mohs Surgeon at Mayo Clinic
  • Tania Phillips, Professor of Dermatology, Boston University
  • Elisabeth Richard, Assistant Professor of Dermatology, Johns Hopkins
  • Ellen Roh, Assistant Professor of Dermatology, HMS
  • Arturo Saavedra, Chief of Population Health and Health Policy and chair of the Department of Dermatology at UVA
  • Chrysalyne Schmults, Director, Mohs and Dermatologic Surgery Center, Harvard, Associate Professor of Dermatology at HMS
  • Michael Sierra, Vice President of LEO Science & Tech Hub
  • Nicole Stakleff, Partner, Health Sciences Dept, Pepper Hamilton LLP
  • Sandy Tsao, Dermatologist/Assistant Professor of Dermatology at HMS
  • Neal Walker, President and CEO at Aclaris Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Molly Wanner, Dermatologist, Assistant Professor of Dermatology, HMS
  • Steve Xu, Dermatologist, Medical director of the Center for Bio-Integrated Electronics, Northwestern University
  • Clarrisa Yang, Dermatologist, Dermatologist-in-Chief, Tufts