The end of high school and transition to college may appear daunting to many teenagers. At MGH Aspire, we believe that previewing and building a greater understanding of what to expect can reduce the anxiety that often accompanies novel experiences. With this philosophy in mind, College Explorations provides participants a hands-on, authentic glimpse into the college experience.

College Explorations is designed for high school students (ages 14 – 17), who are early in the college planning process. In this three-day summer program, participants learn about campus life, gain insight into the social aspects of college, and cover topics related to academics (e.g., decoding a syllabus and accessing student support resources).

College Explorations takes place on a college campus. Participants will eat meals at the dining halls, explore the campus, and spend one night in a dorm-like setting. Discussions will focus on the differences between high school and college in regard to structure, academics, and social expectations.

College Explorations discussion topics may include:

  • Decoding a college syllabus
  • Navigating a college campus
  • How to find “your people” at college
  • How to access counseling and academic support services
  • Reflecting on one's learning style
  • Exploring time management and organizational strategies