Learn more about the services and programs offered by the Department of Emergency Services at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Disaster medicineCenter for Disaster Medicine

The Center for Disaster Medicine (CDM) oversees all preparedness and emergency management efforts at Mass General.

Neurologic emergenciesCenter for Neurologic Emergencies

The Center for Neurologic Emergencies is dedicated to improving the care of patients with potentially devastating neurological injuries.

Social justice, health equityCenter for Social Justice & Health Equity

The Center for Social Justice & Health Equity at Mass General is dedicated to the advancement of unbiased health care, social policy and practice among underserved populations.

Vascular emergenciesCenter for Vascular Emergencies

The Center for Vascular Emergencies is dedicated to improving the care of patients with life threatening vascular diseases through coordinated educational and quality improvement initiatives.

Clinical researchDivision of Clinical Research

The Division of Clinical Research in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital pursues a highly active research agenda.

Critical careDivision of Critical Care

The Division of Critical Care in the Department of Emergency Medicine works to improve outcomes for critically ill patients requiring emergency care.

Emergency ultrasoundDivision of Emergency Ultrasound

The mission of the Division of Emergency Ultrasound within the Department of Emergency Medicine is to promote the concept of point of care ultrasound as an aid in the diagnosis and care of patients.

Geriatric emergency medicineDivision of Geriatric Emergency Medicine

The Division of Geriatric Emergency Medicine in the Department of Emergency Medicine provides world-class compassionate care to older emergency department patients.

Hallway of Mass General with Emergency Department sign hanging from ceilingDivision of Health Services Research in Emergency Medicine

The Division of Health Services Research in Emergency Medicine produces high-quality evidence and thought leadership to advance the practice of emergency medicine to ensure safe, timely, equitable, efficient, patient-focused care; inform policy; and improve access to emergency care and its delivery.

Medical simulationDivision of Medical Simulation

The Division for Mass General-Affiliated Simulation Training in Emergency Resuscitation (MASTER) provides a realistic training platform for providers across Mass General.

Pediatric emergency medicineDivision of Pediatric Emergency Medicine

The Pediatric Emergency Department (PED) at Mass General for Children is a distinct child and family-friendly unit within the general ED at Mass General.

Wilderness medicineDivision of Wilderness Medicine

The Emergency Department’s Division of Wilderness Medicine provides expert care for patients where most physicians would have difficulty simply caring for themselves.

EMNetEmergency Medicine Network (EMNet)

The Emergency Medicine Network's (EMNet) mission is to advance public health objectives through diverse projects in emergency care, particularly multicenter clinical research.

Emergency PharmacyEmergency Pharmacy Program

The Emergency Pharmacy Program consists of pharmacists who provide 24/7, in-person coverage of the Emergency Department to meet the needs of all patients. Pharmacists also serve an integral role in facilitating treatment of patients with opioid use disorder in conjunction with the Mass General Bridge Clinic.

Global healthGlobal Health Innovation Laboratory

The Global Health Innovation Laboratory was founded in 2008. Our major strategic goal is to marshal the experiences and resources of the Mass General community to create systemic change on global health issues.

HAEMR programHAEMR Residency Program

The Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency (HAEMR) recruits top candidates, both nationally and internationally. Many residents come with developing interests in medical education and simulation, ultrasound, critical care medicine, wilderness medicine, public health and health policy, clinical operations and research and international medicine.

Freedom ClinicMass General Freedom Clinic

The Mass General Freedom Clinic provides free, trauma-informed, LGBTQ-friendly primary and preventative care for survivors of human trafficking, ages 13 years and older.

EMS programPrehospital Care - Emergency Medical Services Program

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are integral to the provision of emergency medical care with the Emergency Department as the primary interface between the EMS system and hospital care system.