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International patients receive care at Mass General for every condition and illness. Patients come to Mass General in search of a definitive diagnosis, a second opinion, complex medical treatment or surgery. Some patients also choose Mass General for innovative clinical trials.

As you consider Massachusetts General Hospital for care, we have highlighted the centers of excellence that often care for our international patients:

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Presently, some of the most common treatments international patients seek at Mass General are:

Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery
Digestive Health
Neurology and Neurosurgery
View the full list of treatment centers and programs offered at Mass General

Cutting-Edge Research & Discoveries

Mass General is home to the largest hospital-based research program in the United States with more than $900 million (USD) in annual research funding and over 1,200 clinical trials taking place at any given time. Because we’re America’s #1 research hospital, patients travel the world for our unique ability to bring cutting-edge scientific discoveries with the care and treatments our patients need most—care often unavailable anywhere else in the world. Here, patients have the added benefit of being cared for by doctors deeply engaged in groundbreaking medical research and who are passionate about healing their patients.

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Request an Appointment

To request an appointment at Mass General, please complete the online form or e-mail our International Patient Center team. We understand you may wish to talk with us about your care, questions and personal needs prior to scheduling your trip to Boston. Please rest assured that when you complete the online appointment request or email us, the next step in the process will be personal and ongoing communication with your care coordination team in our international center. We look forward to helping with all your questions, so that your Mass General care journey can be as peaceful and stress-free as possible.

Online Second Opinion

Individuals who are uncertain about traveling to or unable to travel to Boston, and would like a second opinion from a Mass General specialist can receive an detailed written Online Second Opinion from Mass General.

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