INTEGRATION: Assess Your Brain Care Score and Learn How to Improve

The McCance Brain Care Score™, developed by Drs. Rosand, Chemali, Newhouse and collaborators, will empower you to take better care of your brain health.

INDICATORS: Research Shows Exercise Can Reduce Risk of Cognitive Impairment

Dr. Christiane Wrann talks about her research demonstrating the molecular benefits of exercise on brain health, opening the door to potential therapeutic drugs.

INTERVENTIONS: Major grant for drug discovery

Dr. Choi receives grant for innovative drug research that will lead to improved therapies for Alzheimer’s.

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INTERVENTIONS: Use the SHIELD Plan to Remember to Take Care of Your Brain

Dr. Tanzi’s SHIELD plan can improve your brain health and reduce the risk for future brain disease.

INDICATORS: SPARC award leads to new discovery

Dr. Dunn featured for ground-breaking research on baby teeth as indicators of brain health.

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INTERVENTIONS: Social determinants of health can significantly impact stroke

Dr. Biffi and his team from the McCance Center Cerebrovascular Health Program published results showing neighborhood income as a strong predictor of stroke recovery and recurrence.

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GROWING TEAM: Outstanding neurointensivist joins the team

Dr. Yechoor was just recruited to the Harvard faculty and the McCance Center. She will launch to explore impacts of social determinants of health on prevention and recovery from brain injury.

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INTERVENTIONS: McCance Clinical Trial Inspires Lifestyle Change

McCance patient embarks on a clinical trial to understand the impact of sleep, exercise on brain health, and gains a new outlook.

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GROWING TEAM: McCance Center recruits Neurology Chief Resident

Dr. Duskin has been award a competitive fellowship from the National Institutes of Health to launch his research career in the McCance Center’s Cerebrovascular Health Research Program.

INTEGRATION: McCance Clinic helped patient take charge of his brain care

Despite genetic risk and a family history, an opportunity to improve and protect his brain health for the future.

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