Massachusetts General Hospital specialists provide online second opinions to patients and health care providers, without the need to travel to Boston.

Mass General offers online second opinions from Mass General physicians in virtually every medical specialty. Receiving an online second opinion can offer reassurance about a challenging diagnosis or help plan the most appropriate course of treatment.

Why Get an Online Second Opinion?

  • Assurance: Many cases reviewed result in a revision of diagnosis or change in treatment plans
  • Convenience: Receive a online second opinion from an expert at Massachusetts General Hospital without traveling to Boston
  • Speed: Comprehensive, expert opinions are provided within two weeks of receiving all of your records
Common Questions About Online Second Opinions

How It Works

  1. Create an account: Here you will provide information about your case and specify the questions you would like to ask the Mass General specialist
  2. Connect with your physician: Your local physician will need to be involved in your online second opinion request. He or she can provide relevant medical information and supporting medical records
  3. Receive your opinion: Once your case submission is completed, you and your local physician will receive your online second opinion report within two weeks

Request an Online Second Opinion

Request an online second opinion from a specialist at Mass General.

Note: At this time, due to regulatory constraints we cannot provide online second opinions to patients living in Alabama, Alaska, Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, New Mexico, Tennessee, Texas and Wyoming. If you live in one of these states and would like to schedule an in-person appointment at Mass General, please contact the clinical department directly. Browse a list of departments.