Stay in Shape is an after-school and in-school program designed to promote knowledge and skills of healthy living to prevent diseases among school children and youth in the communities served by MGH HealthCare Centers. Stay in Shape has been in operation since 2000. It was a program for girls until 2012 when the program started to serve boys in middle and elementary schools.

Stay in Shape at Chelsea High School

Stay in Shape partners with these public schools:

Chelsea High School
Revere High School (with Summer Mentor Program)
Rumney Marsh Academy Middle School
Clark Avenue Middle School
Eugene Wright Science & Technology Academy
Warren-Prescott School
Clarence R. Edwards School
Harvard-Kent Elementary School (Pilot program fall 2014)
Frank M Sokolowski Elementary School (Pilot program winter 2015)

Once "Stay in Shape", always stay in shape! 

Stay in Shape delivers a comprehensive and evidence-informed curriculum.  Participants learn knowledge and skills on healthy eating, physical activity and stress management.  We work with each participating school in establishing, operating and sustaining the program.  Download our program brochure here.

2014-2015 Outcomes:

In school year 2014 – 2015, Stay in Shape served 315 participants at eight public schools one community-based site (Summer Mentor Program, taught by SIS graduates from Revere High School), with demonstrated outcomes of improved knowledge, skills, and behavior changes towards living a healthy life. 

For the most current information about Stay in Shape including program schedules, please call 781-485-6400 or email