Center for the Study of IBD

Educational Enrichment Activities offered by the Center for the Study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The Enrichment Program of the CSIBD includes four components: several seminar series, work-in-progress/open laboratory meetings, an annual focused workshop, and an annual scientific symposium of the CSIBD. In addition, the directors of the biomedical cores have established a varied educational Enrichment Program, which includes focused seminars, literature review, demonstrations, and other activities as detailed in the descriptions of the individual cores.

CSIBD Symposium & Workshop

The Executive and Administrative Committees organize a symposium of research presentations by investigators of the Center. These presentations emphasize research supported through the Pilot/Feasibility program and offer another opportunity for interactions among CSIBD investigators. It is followed by a two-day workshop focused on an area of science important to understanding IBD. The theme each year is decided by the Executive Committee on the basis of the critical importance of progress in that area for the advancement of CSIBD investigators. The committee also identifies a member responsible for the program of the workshop, which is developed under the aegis of one of the Center's biomedical cores. These workshops have brought together outstanding investigators from around the country and serve both to highlight progress in important areas for the members of the Center but also serve as a stimulus to the speakers to consider the implications of the work in these fields for the understanding of IBD.

Annual Molecular Biology Course

Our annual summer course “Current Techniques in Molecular Genetics” organized by the Genetics, Genomics and Molecular Biology Core consistently attracts in excess of 200 regular attendees (comprised predominantly of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from the laboratories of CSIBD investigators as well as young investigators) to its series of 15 lectures.

Seminars & Work-in-Progress

The CSIBD supports a weekly seminar series presented by investigators within the Boston area research community as well as from other national and international institutions. In conjunction with their seminar, speakers from outside the Boston area typically spend one to two days at the Center offering the opportunity for Center investigators to meet with them to discuss research interests. Over the past 21 years, CSIBD investigators have held a monthly work-in-progress seminar in which young investigators or postdoctoral fellows discuss ongoing IBD-related research progress. These highly interactive sessions have provided invaluable input to investigators in guiding future work and have stimulated many new collaborations.

CSIBD Mini-Sabbaticals

Successful transfer of technology between laboratories often requires direct contact between investigators and the exchange of pretested reagents. The mini-sabbatical program facilitates these goals.