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Rajiv (Raj) Gupta, MD, PhD

Associate Radiologist, MGH

Director, Advanced X-ray Imaging Sciences (AXIS) Center

Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

  • Phone: 617-726-8354


  • Heart Center
  • Cardiac Imaging
Clinical Interests
Stroke Imaging
Neuro trauma
Advanced CT applications
Dual energy CT
Flat-panel CT
Oncologic imaging
High-resolution bone imaging
Cardiac computed tomography (Cardiac CT)
Image-guided interventions using robotic assistance
Thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS)
Boston: Massachusetts General Hospital
Medical Education
MD, Weill Cornell College of Medicine
Residency, Massachusetts General Hospital
Fellowship, Massachusetts General Hospital
Board Certifications
Diagnostic Radiology, American Board of Radiology
Neuroradiology, American Board of Radiology
Foreign Languages
Patient Age Group
Accepting New Patients
Accepting New Patients

BiographyMy research and clinical interests are in Neuro and Cardiac radiology. My research is focused on development and clinical applications of ultra-high resolution CT. In my lab, we are developing and testing a prototype CT system based on flat-panel X-ray detectors with a resolution of 150 microns. This system, when fully developed, has the potential to open a new window on human anatomy and physiology by enabling, in a single scanner, dynamic imaging of temporally evolving processes, image-guided interventions, and high-resolution computed tomography. This system has already resulted in several significant clinical results. For example, we have demonstrated that the trabecular structure of the bone in Anorexia Nervosa is significantly altered even when the conventional metrics for measuring it (e.g., DEXA) are normal. Furthermore, this change is irreversible and results in fundamentally altered biomechanics of the bone leading to significantly increased fracture risk in adult life, even after the disease has been fully treated. For dynamic CT imaging, we have developed a new technique and demonstrated its feasibility in an animal model of aneurysms. Algorithms for efficient and accurate reconstruction of dynamic data are under development. The paradigm of volumetric CT using a large area detector also enables image-guided interventions in the same scanner. To this end, we are developing a new genre of low-cost, X-ray transparent, disposable robots that can operate inside the bore of the scanner


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In General

MGH Hotline: 12/05/08

Rajiv Gupta, MD, PhD, appointed MGH site miner for CIMIT

MGH Hotline 10.08.10 Rajiv Gupta, MD, PhD, director of the MGH Ultra-High-Resolution Volume CT Lab, has been appointed the MGH site miner for the Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology (CIMIT).

Padihershef unwrapped

Some answers as to how the MGH's Egyptian mummy Padihershef lived and died are now being explored through a conservation project - which included a full body X-ray and CT scan.

Wartime technology

The Department of Defense has awarded grants to two MGH investigators.

Radiological Associates
55 Fruit Street
Boston, MA 02114-2696

Phone: 617-726-8354

NeuroInterventional Radiology
55 Fruit Street
Boston, MA 02114-2696

Phone: 617-726-8323
Phone 2: 617-726-0369

Radiological Associates
55 Fruit Street
Boston, MA 02114-2696

Phone: 617-726-8354

NeuroInterventional Radiology
55 Fruit Street
Boston, MA 02114-2696

Phone: 617-726-8323
Phone 2: 617-726-0369

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