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Chronic insufficient sleep increases obesity, overall body fat in children

One of the most comprehensive studies of the potential link between reduced sleep and childhood obesity finds compelling evidence that children who consistently received less than the recommended hours of sleep during infancy and early childhood had increases in both obesity and in adiposity or overall body fat at age 7. Read more.

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8/19/14: Extended support helps patients stay smoke-free after hospital discharge An MGH program described in the August 20 issue of JAMA increased the proportion of hospitalized smokers who successfully quit smoking after discharge by more than 70 percent.

8/19/14:Repeat ED visits for acute heart failure suggest need for better outpatient care Almost one-third of acute heart failure syndrome patients seen in hospital emergency departments in Florida and California during 2010 had ED visits during the following year, findings that suggest a lack of appropriate outpatient care.

8/18/14: Mass. General-developed device monitors key step in development of tumor metastases A microfluidic device developed at Massachusetts General Hospital may help study the epithelial-mesenchymal transition, a fundamental change in cellular characteristics that has been associated with the ability of tumor cells to migrate and invade other sites.

8/13/14: Treatment with lymph node cells controls dangerous sepsis in animal models An immune-regulating cell present in lymph nodes may be able to halt severe cases of sepsis, an out-of-control inflammatory response that can lead to organ failure and death.

8/06/14: Increased adoption of complex care management can help meet cost savings, quality goals In a New England Journal of Medicine article and a issue brief from the Commonwealth Fund, two MGH physicians and their co-authors outline best practices in complex care management, discuss barriers to wider adoption of the approach and describe potential strategies to surmount those barriers.

7/28/14: Stimulation of brain region restores consciousness to animals under general anesthesia Stimulating one of two dopamine-producing regions in the brain was able to arouse animals receiving general anesthesia with either isoflurane or propofol.

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Media Coverage

08/13/2014: Bionic pancreas tested in diabetic kids at a summer camp CBS News
video report on research project co-led by MGH investigator Steven Russell

08/13/2014: Comic mania can mask darkness with joy Boston Globe
quotes MGH physician Gary Sachs

08/13/2014: Experts: Depression worse in limelight Boston Herald

08/13/2014: Deadly Stigma: Robin Williams' Suicide Exposes Silent Epidemic NBC News
mentions that experimental suicide prevention tool will be studied at MGH

08/13/2014: Comics pay high price for being funny Attleboro Sun Chronicle

08/13/2014: Grants Announced for Building Healthier Charlestown Community Charlestown Patriot-Bridge
coverage of grants made by MGH Center for Community Health Improvement

08/13/2014: Online collaboration: Scientists and the social network Nature News
quotes MGH investigator Daniel MacArthur