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Study suggests neurobiological basis of human-pet relationship

How closely does the relationship between people and their non-human companions mirror the parent-child relationship? A small study from a group of MGH researchers contributes to answering this complex question by investigating differences in how important brain structures are activated when women view images of their children and of their own dogs.. Read more.

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3/04/15: Study reveals mechanism behind most common form of inherited Alzheimer’s disease A study from MGH and BWH researchers reveals for the first time exactly how mutations associated with the most common form of inherited Alzheimer’s disease produce the disorder’s devastating effects. The paper provides an possible explanation for the failure of drugs designed to block presenilin activity.

2/26/15: MGH study identifies neurons that help predict what another individual will do MGH investigators have discovered two groups of neurons that play key roles in social interactions between primates – one activated when deciding whether to cooperate with another individual and another group involved in predicting what the other will do.

2/18/15: Protein that repels immune cells protects transplanted pancreatic islets from rejection An approach developed by MGH investigators may provide a solution to the limitations that have kept pancreatic islet transplantation from meeting its promise as a cure for type 1 diabetes.

2/18/15: Study finds physicians less likely than other health professionals to be divorced The largest investigation of divorce rates among physicians has found that physicians are actually less likely to be or to have been divorced than those in other occupations – including lawyers, nurses, and other health care professionals.

2/04/15: MGH team identifies factors predicting infection risk in patients with serious burns A team led by MGH investigators has identified a set of characteristics – including differences in gene expression – that may indicate which patients recovering from severe burns are at greatest risk for repeat infections.

2/04/15: MassGeneral Hospital for Children launches the world’s first Pitt Hopkins Syndrome Clinic The Pitt Hopkins Syndrome Clinic will work with patients and families to further understand, diagnose, and treat Pitt Hopkins Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder.

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Media Coverage

03/06/2015: Youth may fade, but ability to learn does not Boston Globe
coverage of study co-authored by MGH investigator Laura Germine

03/06/2015: The rise and fall of cognitive skills MIT News

03/06/2015: Elizabeth Warren plan would bolster NIH funding Boston Globe
editorial mentions MGH research program

03/06/2015: Boston hospitals take precautions with scope linked to superbug Boston Herald
quotes MGH physician David Hooper

03/06/2015: Oxytocin makes men eat less, choose healthier foods Los Angeles Times
coverage of meeting presentation by MGH investigator Elizabeth Lawson

03/06/2015: Intranasal Hormone Spray Reduces Appetite in Men MedPage Today

03/06/2015: Accounts of Heartbreak in Tsarnaev Trial as Victims of Boston Marathon Bombings Testify New York Times
quotes MGH physician Roger Pitman