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Study suggests neurobiological basis of human-pet relationship

How closely does the relationship between people and their non-human companions mirror the parent-child relationship? A small study from a group of MGH researchers contributes to answering this complex question by investigating differences in how important brain structures are activated when women view images of their children and of their own dogs.. Read more.

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1/26/15: Antiangiogenesis drugs could make major improvement in tuberculosis treatment Use of the same antiangiogenesis drugs that have improved treatment of some cancers may also help surmount persistent difficulties in treating tuberculosis, including the need for months-long treatment and the development of bacterial strains resistant to several different antibiotics.

1/15/15: Study identifies new targeted treatment strategy for some aggressive cancers Researchers from the MGH Cancer Center and Boston University School of Medicine have identified the first potential treatment targeting a pathway by which several aggressive tumors maintain their ability to proliferate.

1/12/15: Imaging study finds first evidence of neuroinflammation in brains of chronic pain patients A new study from MGH investigators has found, for the first time, evidence of neuroinflammation in key regions of the brains of patients with chronic pain, findings that pave the way for the exploration of potential new treatment strategies and may lead to an objective way of measuring the presence and intensity of pain.

1/06/15: Primary care physicians more likely to recommend careers as nurse practitioners than as physicians While several physician groups have opposed the perceived replacement of physicians with nurse practitioners as primary care clinicians, a recent survey finds that more physicians would recommend that qualified students pursue careers as nurse practitioners than as primary care physicians.

12/29/14: Year of birth significantly changes impact of obesity-associated gene variant Investigators working to unravel the impact of genetics versus environment on traits such as obesity may need to consider a new factor: when individuals were born. A multi-institutional research team has found that a previously reported correlation between a specific gene variant and the risk of obesity primarily affects those born after 1942.

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