Newsletters from the Office of the Scientific Director at the Mass General Research Institute, including our monthly From the Lab Bench and Snapshot of Science emails, and our quarterly MGH Research Scholars notebook.

A key mission of the Office of the Scientific Director is to promote the research that takes place here at Massachusetts General Hospital both within the hospital community and to scientists, donors and the general public. Here are three email newsletters that will keep you informed on the latest happenings in the Mass General Research Institute.

From the Lab Bench

From the Lab Bench is a monthly email that features a letter from the scientific director, updates on events and other happenings at Massachusetts General Hospital, and original research stories created by our communications team.

Snapshot of Science

A favorite of the Mass General research community, the Snapshot of Science newsletter is a monthly digest of publications by our researchers in high-impact academic journals (often accompanied by lay-friendly summaries submitted by the research teams), as well as recent research-related press releases and blog posts.

MGH Research Scholars Notebook

Since its launch in 2011, the MGH Research Scholars Program has provided crucial financial support to some of the most promising investigators at Massachusetts General Hospital as they pursue new or unproven avenues of research. The MGH Research Scholars Notebook is a quarterly newsletter that offers news and notes about the Scholars and their accomplishments.