Over the years, our researchers have made significant advancements in genetics and genomics, imaging technologies, less invasive surgical techniques and an abundance of treatment options that are changing the way pediatric care is delivered.Meet our researchers learn more

Research Centers & Labs

Division of Global Health
The Global Network for Women’s and Children’s Health Research is a worldwide collaborative research network committed to expanding scientific knowledge, developing research infrastructure, and improving health outcomes of mothers and their babies.
Down Syndrome Research Program
We are a research team comprised of enthusiastic healthcare providers committed to innovation in Down syndrome research. Our team is motivated to offer research opportunities that can help maximize the life potential for all people with Down syndrome.
General Academic Pediatrics/Center for Child & Adolescent Health Research and Policy
The Division of General Academic Pediatrics, in the Department of Pediatrics, is an internationally-known academic research division dedicated to improving the health of children and adolescents.
Intestinal Innate Immunity Group
Experiments carried out by our group are directed at understanding the mechanisms that regulate intestinal innate immune responses to pathogenic and commensal bacteria.
Laboratory for Tissue Engineering and Organ Fabrication
The Laboratory for Tissue Engineering and Organ Fabrication is designing and building replacement living tissues and organs to ultimately translate to clinical therapies.
Mental Health and the Media
The mission of the Center for Mental Health and Media is to destigmatize mental illness, comfort and educate families about optimal development, and to change the public's outdated and inaccurate perceptions of the nature, causes and treatment of mental illness.
Mucosal Immunology and Biology Research Center
Our basic research in the field of mucosal immunology currently involves nine primary investigators working on related issues ranging from Salmonella food poisoning to intestinal inflammatory diseases and the associated immune-mediated conditions.
Pediatric Endocrine-Neuroendocrine-Sports Endocrine Research
Pediatric Endocrine/Neuroendocrine/Sport Medicine Research at Massachusetts General Hospital involves examining bone metabolism and neuroendocrine alterations in conditions that span the nutritional spectrum including anorexia nervosa, athletic amenorrhea and obesity.
Pediatric Surgical Research Laboratories
The Pediatric Surgical Research Laboratories focus on areas of Developmental Biology which hold promise for clinical application.
Traumatic Brain Injury Research Laboratory
The Traumatic Brain Injury Research Laboratory focuses on secondary mechanisms of acute brain injury including trauma and intracerebral hemorrhage.

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