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Within Mass General for Children’s Department of Pediatrics is the Division of General Pediatrics, an internationally-known academic research division dedicated to improving the health of children and adolescents through:

  • Excellence in prevention and reduction of the burden of chronic disease among children; reduction and elimination of disparities in children’s health and healthcare; and improving the health of populations across the lifecourse through innovations in research, patient care, education, and community advocacy.
  • Preparing and supporting primary care pediatricians in the delivery of health care innovations and in the conduct of research that leverages clinical and community partnerships.

Karen Kuhlthau, PhD, is the current Division Chief. Previous Division Directors include James M. Perrin, MD and Elsie Taveras, MD. With its multidisciplinary faculty staff of physicians and doctoral-level pediatric researchers, the Division carries out multidisciplinary research in academic general pediatrics. Faculty are supported by project managers, clinical research coordinators, analysts and administrative assistants.

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Harvard-Wide Pediatric Health Services Research Fellowship
Optimizing the well-being of children is essential to assure health and economic productivity in adulthood. The goal of the Harvard-wide Pediatric Health Services Research (HSR) Fellowship is to train outstanding researchers who can address critical gaps in primary care for children and fundamentally improve the capacity of the US health care system to meet the needs of children and families, including socioeconomically disadvantaged and minority populations. Learn more.