The Department of Psychiatry is committed to providing the highest quality in care to patients of all ages in a compassionate, safe and patient-focused manner. Our department includes more than 60 specialty integrated clinical and research programs that address virtually every aspect of psychiatric disorders and mental illness.

Patient Care

We offer a range of services that includes over 60 specialty programs that address a wide spectrum of psychiatric disorders, geriatrics and psychosomatic illnesses for patients of all ages.

Patient & Family Resources

Resources for patients and families including educational programs and information about mental health issues.


Our research initiatives typically begin with clinical trials and expand to studies in genetics, neuroimaging and basic neuroscience.

Professional Training

Our internship, residencies and fellowships include forensic psychiatry, addiction, geriatrics and psychosomatic illnesses.

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#2 in Psychiatry

U.S. News & World Report rates Mass General Psychiatry among the top in the nation.

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Guide to COVID-19 Mental Health Resources

A curated set of resources with a particular emphasis on materials that will be of use to providers and those they serve.

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MGH Psychiatry News

MGH Psychiatry News brings you the latest news and updates from our department, highlighting our clinical services, research findings, educational programs, and public health initiatives.

Continuing Medical Education

We are dedicated to improving the quality of psychiatry care through education and research. Using the faculty and resources of the Department of Psychiatry, we work with clinicians, departments, governments and other entities to improve the mental health of patients worldwide through innovative teaching methods, technology, educational research and institution level consultation.

Advances in Motion

Advances in Motion highlights the latest breakthroughs, research and clinical trials from Mass General.


Over 60 specialty psychiatry clinical and research programs

We provide care for patients of any age throughout the lifespan.