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The Transplant Center offers leading-edge consultation, treatments, and surgical interventions to patients with a variety of diseases that require transplant surgery. As a top academic and research facility, patients may access innovative therapies such as drug-free transplants at the Legorreta Center for Clinical Transplant Tolerance.

Heart transplant program

Heart Transplant

We offer comprehensive treatment, transplantation, and care management options for patients with heart failure and other severe heart conditions.

Liver transplant program

Liver Transplant

Our team has performed more liver transplants than any other center in New England and has maintained some of the best graft and patient survivals in the country.

Lung transplant program

Lung Transplant

We provide patients with end-stage lung disease individualized care before and after their lung transplants.

Kidney transplant program

Kidney Transplant

We provide individualized, ongoing transplant care for patients with kidney failure.

Pediatric transplant program

Pediatric Transplant

Mass General for Children provides expert, compassionate liver and kidney transplant care for children.

Living Donor Program

Living Donation Programs

We are home to one of the most active, experienced, and largest living donor programs in the region.

Transplant Tolerance

We are home to the first center in the world dedicated to preventing organ rejection after transplant surgery without the use of lifelong immunosuppressive, or antirejection, medications.

Richard Smith with his husband
Richard Smith with his husband

I didn’t realize how sick I had been until I felt all of this energy surging through me after surgery. I felt present in my own life again, no longer on the sidelines… I feel utterly grateful that I get to live.

Richard Smith
Kidney Transplant Patient

Innovations & Clinical Research Research

The Mass General Transplant Center is leading the way in New England and the world in basic scientific and clinical transplantation research.


A leader in education and research, the Mass General Transplant Center trains the next generation of health care professionals.

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