Living Donor Program

Through living donation at Massachusetts General Hospital, a person can donate a healthy kidney or liver to someone with end-stand renal or liver disease.

About Living Donation at Mass General

The Mass General Transplant Center has one of the most active and experienced living kidney and liver donor programs in the region, as well as the largest. Live donation allows patients to receive a transplant without waiting for an organ from a deceased donor.

Living Kidney Donor Program

80% of people on the national transplant waiting list are in need of a kidney. Learn more about living kidney donation.

How to Find a Living Kidney Donor

Join a monthly series that equips kidney recipients with the knowledge, support, and tools to find a living donor.

Patient Stories

Mass General has one of the most active and experienced living donor programs in the region. Explore stories about our patients' experiences.

How Can Organ Donation Save Lives?

Organ donation is the process of giving one person’s healthy organs and tissues to another person who needs them. In living organ donation, a person donates a kidney or a piece of their liver to a patient in need of a transplant. Read answers to common questions about living organ donation.

Patient Stories

Over 11,000 people

are currently on the waitlist for a deceased donor liver.

High-Volume Center

Our surgeons perform more kidney transplants than other New England institutions and achieve some of the best transplant results nationwide.

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