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Why Mass General?

Research at Mass General helps to further our understanding of disease, improve the care we give our patients, and move the field of healthcare forward for all.

The Strategic Alliances initiative information

Strategic Alliances Initiative

The Strategic Alliances Initiative helps scientists engage in productive and long-lasting collaborations with industry at all stages: from fundamental research to proof of concept, through development

translational research center website

Translational Research Center

The Massachusetts General Hospital Translational Research Center (TRC) provides a unique research infrastructure of industry-sponsored, patient-oriented clinical research.

Updates about recent collaborative efforts at Massachusetts General Hospital

News and Notes

Updates about recent collaborative efforts between researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and members of the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

More Industry Programs

Translational Research Training Program

Translational Research Training Program

A course designed to foster collaborations between academia and industry and support a new generation of translationally-minded scientists.

Drug Discovery Rounds

Drug Discovery Rounds

Drug Discovery Rounds at Massachusetts General Hospital provide opportunities for meetings between our investigators & leaders in pharma and biotech.

Translational Medicine Group

Translational Medicine Group

Our group collaborates with industry to accelerate the development of novel therapeutics.

Entrepreneurs Series

Entrepreneur Series

A series of talks where entrepreneurial researchers share their expertise and experience developing scientific discoveries.

Mass General Brigham Innovation

Mass General Brigham Innovation coordinates industrial relationships and IP management across Mass General Brigham, including, Mass General.