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Throughout the Department of Medicine, talented faculty are developing innovative, cost-effective technologies that have the potential to significantly impact patient care. The Medicine Innovation Program (MIP) at Massachusetts General Hospital was launched in 2015 to support and advance these innovations. Over the past four years, MIP has provided seed funding to a diverse portfolio of projects in the artificial intelligence and digital health spaces, as well as to the development of novel therapeutics and medical devices. In 2017, MIP launched the ROCK STARt-up Associate Program with Third Rock Ventures, a leading biotechnology venture firm in Boston. This program gives faculty, interested in entrepreneurship, the opportunity to build successful and translational scientific ventures from the ground up. MIP is led by Christiana Iyasere MD, MBA.

Our Team

Christiana Iyasere, MD, MBA is the director of the Medicine Innovation Program. She is an established leader in developing innovative platforms focused on improving patient care. A graduate of Yale University, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, and Harvard University Business School, Christiana served as a Howard Hughes Research Fellow in HIV Immunology for the Laboratory of Immunoregulation at the National Institutes of Health. She completed her Internal Medicine Residency at Mass General and served for a year as an Administrative Fellow alongside Dr. Peter Slavin, leading a series of projects related to optimal technology adoption and utilization. She has served in prominent roles such as Co-Director of the Mass General Innovation Support Center; Associate Director of “The Sandbox,” a clinical innovation site; Technology Assessment Coordinator for the Council for Technology, Adoption, Innovation, and Promotion; and Chair of the MassGeneral Innovation Collaborative. She is a member of the Mass General Brigham Innovation Council and the Mass General Brigham Epic Innovation Council. Christiana is also an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Michelle Tagerman, MS, MPH, is the Program Administrator for the Medicine Innovation Program. She coordinates the annual RFP and supports MIP awardees throughout the duration of their grants. Michelle holds a Master of Public Health in Health Policy and Management from Columbia University, and a Master of Science in Management Studies from Boston University. Michelle has experience consulting for Fortune 500 companies including AT&T and Quintiles (now IQVIA). Before joining the Department of Medicine at MGH as a Project Coordinator, Michelle worked at a healthcare start up, in mental health research, and as an EMT.

Advisory Board

  • Mark Poznansky, MD, PhD Director of the Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center
  • Kristian Olson, MD, Director, CAMTech
  • Jeffrey Gelfand, MD, 2015 MIP Awardee
  • Shaw Warren, MD, Associate Faculty Wyss Institute at Harvard University,
  • Martha Gray, PhD, Director, Madrid-MIT m+vision consortium
  • Larry Miller, MD, MPH, President, Apnimed, Inc.
  • Eric Isselbacher, MD, Director, Healthcare Transformation Lab
  • Joshua Metlay, MD, PhD, Chief of the Division of General Internal Medicine
  • Thomas McCoy, MD, 2017 MIP Awardee
  • Areej El-Jawahri, MD, Mass General Cancer Center
  • Steve Grinspoon, MD, Chief of the MGH Metabolism Unit
  • Victoria Vacaro, Healthcare Transformation Lab
  • Mark Lindsay, MD, PhD, 2018 Third Rock Ventures, Rock Star Associate
  • Nimra Taqi, MS, Mass General Brigham Innovation

Our Programs

Medicine Innovation Pilot Grant Awards

The Medicine Innovation Pilot Grant Awards take research projects with the potential to transform medicine and provides them with the needed resources to move forward to the next inflection point in successful solution development. Resources provided include structured project management support, milestone based stewardship of resources, focused mentorship and access to networks that can move the project to the next step in development. The goal is to move from a project to a product that can be consumed and used by patients and providers.

MIP actively supports projects for one year to 18 months depending on the needs of the project and project team. Many of MIP’s projects have gone on to attain follow-on grant funding, industry partnerships, or successful adoption into the existing healthcare infrastructure.

Learn more about the Innovation Collaborative.

ROCK STARt-up Associate Program

The ROCK STARt-Up Associate Program is a 2-year associate program in which Mass General DOM faculty will be immersed in the biotech start-up environment at Third Rock Ventures (TRV) in Boston, MA. The Boston Biotech community is one of the most robust in the world and TRV is one of the leading venture capital groups in the country. Consequently, the potential for Mass General DOM faculty to actively participate in and build translational opportunities is unparalleled.

TRV has a unique translational model: the group builds companies from the ground up, starting in an area defined by clinical need and scientific opportunity. As a result, they represent an entrepreneurial environment in which Mass General DOM faculty can participate in the process of building a successful scientific venture from its early beginnings.

Learn more about Third Rock Ventures.

Program Goals:

  • Experience/exposure of Mass General faculty to the translational, entrepreneurial environment of early biotech start-ups and company creation
  • Faculty career development: scientific idea translation, concept de-risking, company formation*
  • Broadening of the translational expertise of the Mass General Department of Medicine
  • The associate will participate in the entrepreneurial environment at 3rd Rock
  • The program does not include the development of personal ideas or inventions from participants lab and/or experience at Mass General 


Cycle 1:
  • Applications accepted: October- December 2019
  • Winner(s) announced: March 2020
Cycle 2:
  • Applications accepted: April- June 2020
  • Winner(s) announced: September 2020

For more information please contact:
Christiana Iyasere, MD, MBA
Director, Mass General DOM Medicine Innovation Program (MIP), Rock Star Associate program

Michelle Tagerman, MS, MPH
MIP Program Administrator

Portfolio: 2015-2020

MIP Winners 2019-2020

Robert Goldstein, MD, PhD
Dr. Goldstein is an attending in the Division of Infectious Diseases, an instructor at Harvard Medical School, and the Medical Director of the MGH Transgender Health Program. His innovation project focuses on developing a novel platform for point-of-care, low-cost testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and antimicrobial resistance. STIs are a common cause of morbidity throughout the world, and the incidence of these infections is increasing. Current testing for STIs relies on PCR-based technology and requires a complex and costly laboratory set up. Utilizing new Cas13-based detection of isothermally-amplified nucleic acids, this project will develop a multiplex assay for STI and antimicrobial resistance detection that could be completed in less than 30 minutes and utilize point-of-care paper-based technology. Dr. Goldstein will be joined on this project by Dr. Kevin Ard, the Medical Director of the MGH Sexual Health Clinic, Dr. Pardis Sabeti, a Member of the Broad Institute, Dr. Jake Lemieux, a clinical and research fellow in infectious diseases, and Dr. Lao-Tzu Allan-Blitz, a resident in Medicine and Pediatrics with expertise in antimicrobial resistance.

Amy Dickey, MD, Spark Grant Winner
Dr. Dickey is an attending in the pulmonary and critical care department, an instructor at Harvard Medical School, and a Healthcare Transformation Lab Fellow in Healthcare Innovation. Her innovation project focuses on developing and applying technologies to provide quantitative endpoints for clinical trials in erythropoietic protoporphyria (EPP), a rare, genetic disease affecting the production of heme and causing painful cutaneous sensitivity to light. This disease currently has no FDA-approved treatments. She will be adapting and testing two smartphone-based digital devices initially developed for other purposes like skin cancer. Using a wearable light dosimeter, light exposure will be quantified. Simultaneously, using a hand-held device that measures the accumulation of a fluorescent skin biomarker called protoporphyrin, she will quantify the cutaneous response. The funds from the Medicine Innovation Program will be used to purchase and adapt these devices for testing in EPP patients. Dr. Dickey’s interest in EPP arises from personal experience, as she has EPP. In addition, she is a Protect the Future Trainee of the American Porphyria Foundation, a program designed to train the next generation of porphyria specialists.

Digital Health

  • Allergy Passport
    • Digital Application for medication and food allergies
    • Kimberly Blumenthal, MD
    • 2016 Awardee
  • DreAMLand
    • Digital Application for support of patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia 
    • Areej El-Jawahri, MD
    • 2017 Awardee
  • Smartphone App for Ascites Management
    • Mass General Brigham Connected Health application to facilitate outpatient management of cirrhotic ascites
    • Patricia Bloom, MD
    • 2018 Awardee

Artificial Intelligence

    • Risk assessment for patient and physician prior to cardiac catheterization for improved decision making
    • Jason Wasfy, MD, MPH
    • 2015 Awardee
  • Clinical Data Visualization and Machine Learning  
    • Deep learning to extract useful information for clinical decision making
    • Tom McCoy, MD
    • 2017 Awardee
  • Natural Language Processing in the Evaluation and Diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome 
    • Kyle Staller, MD, MPH
    • 2018 Awardee


    • Novel, CAS13-based point-of-care detection of STIs and antimicrobial resistance
    • Robert Goldstein, MD, PhD
    • 2019 Awardee
  • Day Zero Diagnostics
    • Diagnosis of bacterial species and sensitivities within hours
    • Douglas Kwon, MD, PhD
    • 2016 Awardee

Therapeutics and Medical Devices

  • Long Acting Parathyroid Hormone
    • First in class drug for treatment of Hypoparathyroidism
    • Michael Mannstadt, MD, PhD
    • 2015 Awardee
  • Laser Therapy for Treatment of Resistant Urinary Tract Infections 
    • Novel treatment of urinary tract infections with light based therapy
    • Jeffery Gelfand, MD
    • 2015 Awardee
  • Allergy Tolerance
    • Laser therapy to induce immune tolerance to food allergens
    • Satoshi Kashiwagi, MD, PhD
    • 2016 Awardee
  • Novel Osteoporosis Therapy
    • New oral therapy for osteoporosis
    • Mark Wein, MD, PhD
    • 2017 Awardee
  • Digital device for porphyria management and diagnosis
    • Smartphone-based digital devices for measuring photosensitivity in porphyria
    • Amy Dickey, MD, MSc
    • 2019 Awardee

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