Research in the Department of Psychiatry

Our goal is to develop a better understanding of mental health and use that knowledge to create more effective treatments.
psychology researcher
psychology researcher
Dara Manoach, PhD, is a research in neuropsychology at Mass General

A Wide-Ranging Research Portfolio

The Mass General Department of Psychiatry’s wide-ranging research portfolio spans clinical and basic research on virtually every major psychiatric disorder. These initiatives typically began as clinical trials conducted in clinical units and expanded to observational and mechanistic studies with notable expansions in genetics, neuroimaging and basic neuroscience. This model of cross-talk between clinical care and science has consistently led to research advances.

Preclinical & Translational Research

Our neuroscience, neuroimaging, and genetic research programs include clinical and translational researchers whose work is informed and motivated by the unmet needs of our patient populations.

Clinical Research

The integration of patient care and clinical research has been a hallmark of the Department of Psychiatry for more than 30 years.

Clinical Study FAQs

Learn more about what you can expect when you enroll in research studies ant clinical trials.

#2 in Psychiatry

U.S. News & World Report rates Mass General Psychiatry among the top in the nation.

Advances in Motion

Advances in Motion highlights the latest breakthroughs, research and clinical trials from Mass General.


Over 60 specialty psychiatry clinical and research programs

We provide care for patients of any age throughout the lifespan.

Clinical Trials Network & Institute (CTNI)

Pioneering Neuroscience Research

As a world leader in medical discovery and patient care, Mass General Neuroscience brings together the expansive expertise and passion from our Psychiatry, Neurosurgery and Neurology Departments. Through Advances in Motion, we provide health care professionals with information about our latest breakthroughs, research and clinical advances.