Mindscapes is the Department of Psychiatry's newsletter for friends and supporters of the department.

Winter 2023
In this issue: Care for America’s Aging | Save the Date for Visiting Day | Recap from the 17th MGH Psychiatry Leadership Council Seminar | In Memoriam Joseph Biederman, MD, | Paula Rauch, MD, Director, PACT Program Retiring | Grant from The Tommy Fuss Fund to Center for Precision Psychiatry

Summer 2022
In this issue: Virtual Reality-Based Tool to Build Resilience | Visiting Day Recap | Youth Mental Health in Primary Care | The Recovery Research Institute Celebrates a Decade of Impact | The Ripple Effects of Mental Illness

Winter 2022

In this issue: The Acute Psychiatry Service | A Trusted Leader Takes the Reins at Mass General | Hope in a Vial at the Ketamine Clinic | Investigating the Aging Brain | Why We Give to the Center for the Neuroscience of Psychedelics

Summer 2021

In this issue: The Child Resiliency Program | Two Virtual Events | Harnessing technology to expand mental health services | Training the next generation | Helping young adults cope | Fall school and work re-entry advice | Preventing mental illness before birth

Winter 2021
In this issue: The Center for Women’s Mental Health | Creating a Road Map to Equity: Dr. Joseph Betancourt | Precision Psychiatry: Dr. Jordan Smoller | Donor Story: Cathy Seilhan | Psychedelics Research | The Advantages of Talk Therapy: Dr. Robert Waldinger | Profile: Dr. Mai Uchida

Summer 2020
In this issue: The New (Virtual) Reality: Telepsychiatry in the Age of COVID-19 | Mass General Guide to Mental Health Resources | Changing of the Guard: New Leadership Council Co-chairs | First-person Clinician Perspective on Telepsychiatry | Photo Collage From the 14th Annual Palm Beach Seminar | The Power of Empathy in Healthcare: a Q&A with Helen Riess, MD. 

Fall 2019

In this issue: Intimate Partner Violence and Brain Injuries | Maurizio Fava, MD, Appointed New Chief of Psychiatry | A New Chapter for the Former Chief | Joseph Biederman, MD, Honored with Endowed Chair in Pediatric Psychopharmacology | Philanthropist Arthur Epstein Helps Improve Access to Psychiatric Care | Profiles in Care: Simmie L. Foster, MD, PhD

Summer 2019
In this issue: Precision Psychiatry, Tailored Treatment | 2019-2021 Louis V. Gerstner III Research Scholars | A Young Woman Comes to Terms with an Eating Disorder | Turning Tragedy into Awareness | Endowment for the Advancement of Psychotherapy Award Honors Sports Writing Icon

Spring 2018
In this issue: Helping Patients on Medical and Surgical Units | A Grateful Life May be a Longer Life | The Dauten Family Center for Bipolar Treatment Innovation | Caring for Children and Teens

Fall 2018
In this issue: Sleep, Memory and Mental Illness | All of Us Research Program | Celebrating the Joyce Root Tedlow Professorship of Psychiatry | Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Lee Baer, PhD | A Journey to Recovery | Two New Psychiatry Chairs Celebrated

Fall 2017
In this issue: Louis V. Gerstner III Scholar Awards Launch Research Careers in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry | The Partners Biobank | Lee Ann Ingram: Longtime advocate and inspired philanthropist for mental health | Celebrating the Abra Prentice Foundation Mass General Chair

Summer 2016
In this issue: Mass General Researchers Explore Promising Therapies for Treatment-resistant Depression | Wilens Honored with Endowed Chair in Addiction Medicine | Ammon-Pinizzotto Gift Names Center for Women’s Mental Health

Fall 2016
In this issue: The Expanding Role of Neuroimaging in Psychiatry Research | Combining Care for Cancer and Mental Illness | The Science of the Family Dinner

Spring 2015
In this issue: Stopping the Spiral: First-episode Program helps people at first signs of psychosis

Fall 2015
In this issue: Family-centered Care for Older Adults: Providing Mental Health Care for a Burgeoning Population

Winter 2014
In this issue: New approaches for treating Bipolar Disorder: Mass General clinician-researchers study wide range of interventions

Summer 2014
In this issue: Easing the Burden of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: New Hope for Spectrum of Disabling Conditions

Fall 2014
In this issue: Neurotherapeutics: Promising approaches for treatment-resistant depression