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Genetics & Genomic Medicine services are provided by a collection of clinics at Massachusetts General Hospital. Health care providers in these clinics care for individuals in need of genetic risk assessment, genetic testing, genetic diagnosis, genetic counseling or management of genetic disease.

Physicians and genetic counselors who care for these patients are experts in the diagnosis, management and counseling issues related to preconception, prenatal, pediatric and adult-onset disease.

Each department collaborates with other specialists and researchers within and beyond the Mass General Brigham health care system.

Our Clinics

If you are interested in making an appointment or would like to refer your patient, please click on the following link to contact the appropriate clinic below. If you are not sure which clinic to contact, please email us and we can help guide you. 

Cardiovascular Genetics Program
The Cardiovascular Genetics Program provides comprehensive cardiovascular evaluations, genetic counseling, genetic testing and individualized treatment plans for patients with or at risk for inherited cardiovascular disease.

Center for Cancer Risk Assessment
The Center for Cancer Risk Assessment helps to identify families that may have a hereditary cancer syndrome, and when indicated, provides genetic testing, screening and support.

Diabetes Genetics Clinic
The Diabetes Genetics Clinic at Mass General is a specialty clinic for patients with known or suspected genetic forms of diabetes.

Medical Genetics Program
The Medical Genetics program specializes in the evaluation and care of patients who have a personal or family history of health problems with a possible genetic or metabolic basis.

The Neurology Department has multiple specialty clinics that provide comprehensive clinical evaluations, diagnostic/presymptomatic testing and treatments for individuals with concerns about, and/or symptoms of, complex neurological conditions.

Obstetrics and Gynecology
The Genetic Counseling Service in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Prenatal Diagnostic Center specializes in helping individuals, couples or families understand prenatal screening and diagnostic testing options during pregnancy.

Pediatric Pulmonary
The Pediatric Pulmonary clinic sees patients and families with a spectrum of conditions with a respiratory component, often affecting multiple family members.

If you have any questions regarding which clinic would serve you best, please contact our helpdesk Note that the helpdesk can only direct patients, it cannot answer any questions specific to a referral or assist in scheduling with our clinics.

Genetic Counseling

Genetic counselors are health care professionals who provide personalized help concerning genetic health. They have training in both medical genetics and counseling. Across Mass General, genetic counselors are supporting the clinics that provide genetic services.

How can a genetic counselor help me?

  • Help you understand your health risks based on your personal or family history
  • Enable you to make an informed decision about genetic testing
  • Explain results and the implication of the results for family members
  • Help you to develop a personalized medical plan
  • Provide psychosocial supports that help you process the medical, emotional implications
  • Connect you to resources, support groups and other research opportunities

To contact a genetic counselor directly, please contact the relevant department and ask to speak to a genetic counselor.

eConsult Service

If you are a physician and have a clinical question about genetics and genomics, please consider using our eConsult service, available as an EPIC order.

    1. Click on “+ Meds and Orders”
    2. Enter “MG Econ” in the search field
    3. Find “Ambulatory MGH Genetics and Genomics E-Consult”
    4. Submit your order with your specific question/request

More Information

Mass General’s Genetics and Genomic Medicine services are provided by a collection of clinics whose experts work collaboratively to help identify, treat and provide genetic testing and counseling for patients.