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The Pediatric Neurology Unit diagnoses and treats infants, children and adolescents with the full spectrum of neurological conditions. These include:

  • Autism-PDD
  • Behavioral disorders
  • Brain tumors
  • Developmental neurobiology of cerebrum
  • Dystonia, tics and other movement disorders
  • Epilepsy/surgical epilepsy
  • Headache
  • Inheritable metabolic disorders
  • Learning disorders
  • Leukodystrophy disorders
  • Mitochondrial disorders
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Neurogenetic disorders
  • Neurological care of premature infants throughout childhood
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Pain
  • Sleep disorders
  • Specialized and routine neuroimaging (MRI, MRA, PET)
  • Tuberous sclerosis

Our Approach

Neurologists in the General Pediatric Neurology clinics of the Mass General Hospital Neurology Department are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric neurological disorders and diseases from the most common to the most rare. Our pediatric neurologists specialize in certain conditions and diseases within pediatrics, so children who become patients here are matched with experts who can best serve each child’s needs. These Neurologists are also trained in adult Neurology, and many are Principal Investigators conducting basic science and clinical research to advance the diagnosis and treatment of their chosen subspecialty. Our physicians comprise the majority of Pediatric Neurologists at the Mass General for Children.

Several of our treatment programs feature a multidisciplinary approach that includes professionals from nutrition, psychology, child psychiatry, orthopedics, neurosurgery, and speech, occupational and physical therapy.

Pediatric neurologists on staff in the Neonatal and Intensive Care Unit (NICU) see patients with wide variety of neonatal and infant neurological problems, including developmental and neuromuscular problems and seizure disorders of infancy. To request an appointment please call 617-724-6400.


In addition to other common neurological conditions and disorders, the Massachusetts General Hospital Child Neurology Unit encompasses the following subspecialties:

Angelman Syndrome Program

The Angelman Syndrome Program at Mass General for Children, in partnership with the Angelman Syndrome Foundation, aims to provide comprehensive clinical care to individuals with Angelman syndrome.

Developmental NeuroPediatric Program

The Developmental NeuroPediatrics Program at provides comprehensive assessments of children between 18 months and 6 years of age suspected of having developmental delays. 

Mass General Brigham Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis Center

The Mass General Brigham Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis Center is dedicated to caring for children and adolescents with Multiple Sclerosis and related demyelinating disorders such as acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM).

Leukodystrophy Center

Leukodystrophies are a heterogeneous group of brain disorders in which brain and sometimes peripheral-nerve myelin is abnormally produced or destroyed.
Phone: 617-724-6400

Pediatric Learning Disorders Unit

The Pediatric Learning Disorders Unit combines Child Neurology and Psychology services to diagnose and manage a broad spectrum of cognitive deficits in children.

Neurofibromatosis Clinic

The Neurofibromatosis Clinic offers a comprehensive initial evaluation to all children who have been diagnosed with neurofibromatosis.
Phone: 617-724-7856

Neurogenetics/Mitochondrial Disorders

The Neurogenetics/Mitochondrial Disorders Unit offers diagnostic evaluation, consultative assistance and management for infants, children and adults with neurodevelopmental/neurometabolic disorders including enzyme replacement therapy.

Neonatal and Infant Neurology Follow-Up Program

The Neonatal and Infant Neurology Follow-Up Program sees children with a wide variety of neonatal and infant neurological problems, including developmental and neuromuscular problems and seizure disorders of infancy.

Neuro-Oncology Program

The Neuro-Oncology Program provides a coordinated, multidisciplinary approach in evaluating and caring for pediatric patients with tumors of the nervous system and neurologic complications caused by cancer.
Phone: 617-726-2737

Pediatric Neurology Resident Continuity Clinic

This clinic evaluates and treats for all neurological diseases and disorders.

Pediatric Stroke and Vascular Service

The Pediatric Stroke and Vascular Service at Mass General for Children cares for premature infants, children or adolescents who have had an ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke, or cerebral venous sinus thrombosis.
Phone: 617-726-2737

Fetal Neurology Consultations

The Fetal Neurology Consultations program pairs with the MGH Fetal Care Program to provide Fetal Neurology consultations for pregnant women who are carrying a fetus with a suspected or known neurological abnormality. We provide counseling and management for a wide range of fetal neurological conditions, including Cerebral Ventriculomegaly, Hydrocephalus, Aqueductal Stenosis, Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, Cerebellar Vermis Agenesis, Dandy Walker Malformation, prenatal hemorrhage, prenatal stroke, microcephaly, and more.

Patient Resources

View the full collection of patient resources from Pediatric Neurology at MGfC.

Resident Education

The Mass General Brigham Child Neurology Residency Training is a three-year clinical training program that includes one year of mandated clinical adult neurology training. Our program includes exposure to basic science information as it applies to the nervous system and clinical neurology. It offers many opportunities to attend neuroscience lectures, and to interface with basic and translational scientists in and outside of the Neurology Department at Mass General and our affiliates, which include the Broad Institute, Harvard Medical School and MIT. To learn more visit the Child Neurology Residency Program website.

Our Nurse Practitioners

Our physicians and other staff are honored to work with Catherine Becker, NP and Amanda Tourjee, NP to provide high-quality and compassionate care to our child neurology patients.