Our Mission

The Center for Outcomes and Patient Safety in Surgery (COMPASS) combines clinical collaboration and data to ensure, amongst all surgical and procedural colleagues, the safest, most appropriate and effective and highest quality procedure for every patient, every time. We aim to continuously strengthen the care that our patients receive through the measurement and analysis of surgical outcomes and data.

COMPASS is composed of clinicians representing all Massachusetts General Hospital surgical specialties, including those from the:

Our Pillars

Guided by our pillars, we aim to become a leader in the improvement of patient care through innovative surgical outcomes research.

Data Acquisition and Registries
  1. Streamline the way that data is acquired, analyzed and reported across all surgical procedures
  2. Integrate surgical quality and safety data warehousing and reporting
  3. Provide best practices for providers in order to improve quality of care and research 
Appropriateness of Procedures
  1. Leverage artificial intelligence to predict and model risk for all departments
  2. Create personalized, informed consents
  3. Determine best intervention for high-risk patients
Quality and Efficiency Improvement
  1. Leverage the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) experience for all departments in order to improve patient outcomes after surgery
  2. Develop platform to collect ERAS compliance feedback from clinicians and patients
Patient-Reported Outcome Measures
  1. Establish a tool to measure the long-term functional outcome for all patients
  2. Collect relevant specialty-specific measures, such as pain and function after knee surgery
  3. Implement Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) mechanism for every surgical and interventional department

Investing in Quality and Safety

COMPASS provides opportunities for fellows and residents interested in surgical outcomes assessment, metric development and improving the quality and safety of surgical care. Through various projects, fellows and residents can broaden their exposure to surgical outcomes research and expand their skills in quality and safety measurement and metric development.

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