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The mission of the Cell Resource Core (CRC) at Massachusetts General Hospital is to provide high quality primary hepatocytes and supporting tissues to researchers. We use an innovative, reliable and affordable process.

By utilizing a new perfusion technique that was developed at Mass General to preserve the viability of liver cells prior to transplantation, the CRC has been able to increase the viable yield of high-quality hepatocytes from donor livers. As a nonprofit resource core, we can provide these cell cultures to researchers at affordable prices.

Cells can be delivered to your lab shortly after isolation. We use a 24/7 vehicle courier service for all orders within three hours of our facility.

Our highly capable staff comprises physicians, researchers and technicians that are available to help you with questions regarding cell handling or experiment design.

Our Products

Human Hepatocytes – Fresh or Cryopreserved

  • Fresh human hepatocytes can be sent in suspension or plated to meet your requirements.
    (Fresh-plated formats are 6, 12, 24, 48, 96 wells)

Animal Hepatocytes – Fresh or Cryopreserved

  • Animal hepatocytes are available from rats or mice.
  • Fresh animal hepatocytes can be sent in suspension or plated to meet your requirements.
    (Fresh-plated formats are 6, 12, 24, 48, 96 wells)

Cell Culture Products (Provide support and nutrients to cells to keep them viable during use)

  • Cell culture media
  • Collagen (rat tail)

The availability of tissues is highly variable. Please fill out the new user form in order to be notified of future fresh human hepatocyte isolations.

Facilities & Equipment

Our proprietary cell culturing process utilizes a perfusion technology developed at Mass General to maximize cell yields and minimize batch-to-batch variability.


  • Fresh hepatocytes (in suspension or plated)—human, mouse or rat
  • Hepatocyte culture training
  • Custom hepatocyte isolations (species/strain) will be considered on a client-to-client basis

Fee Schedule

Cells are available fresh or cryopreserved. Fresh cells can be purchased in suspension or plated. The costs below are per million cells, and the cost of plating or cryopreservation is additional. Please contact us for further pricing information.*


Mass General Brigham 

Non-Mass General Brigham and Non-Profit 

Human hepatocytes (Price per million)



Mouse hepatocytes (per million)



Rat hepatocytes (per million)



Plating cost



Cryopreservation cost (per million)



Culture training



Collagen (50 ml)



Media (500 ml)



Other hepatic cells



NPC fraction (100 ml)



* Services are also available to for-profit and industry clients. Please contact us for pricing information.

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