About this Research Thrust

The Department of Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital carries out fundamental studies on a variety of topics at the forefront of physiology, development and genetics.

Laboratories and Researchers

Marianna Bei, PhD

Marianna Bei, PhD, is an investigator at the Mass General Center for Engineering in Medicine & Surgery. Dr. Bei's research is devoted to understanding the molecular mechanisms controlling organ formation in vertebrates and in particular the formation and homeostasis of the skin and its appendages.

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Craniofacial Developmental Biology Laboratory

The Craniofacial Developmental Biology Laboratory, led by Eric Liao, MD, PhD, investigates fundamental genetic regulation of facial development, with a focus on translating basic science discoveries to clinical advances.

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Gastrointestinal Epithelial Biology Laboratory

The Gastrointestinal Epithelial Biology Laboratory, led by Richard Hodin, MD, works to unravel the molecular mechanisms that underline the processes of growth and differentiation within intestinal epithelia, focusing on gut mucosal defense and how the host interacts with the intestinal microbiota.

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Goldstein Laboratory

The Goldstein Laboratory, led by Allan Goldstein, MD, focuses on the development of the enteric nervous system, a complex neuronal network whose principal function is to maintain normal intestinal motility.

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Pediatric Surgical Research Laboratories

The Pediatric Surgical Research Laboratories, led by Patricia Donahoe, MD, focus on areas of developmental biology which hold promise for clinical application for birth defects and cancer prevention and treatment.

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Rebecca Sandlin, PhD

Rebecca Sandlin, PhD, is an investigator at the Center for Engineering in Medicine & Surgery. Dr. Sandlin's research interests in the field of global health include biomineralization in disease and biostabilization.

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