The CSIBD organizes an Annual Symposium and Workshop that focuses on an area of investigation relevant to IBD. This multi-day event features internationally renowned speakers, over half of whom travel from outside Boston to present their research to the CSIBD community.

The 31st Annual CSIBD Workshop and 2nd Broad Immunology Program Symposium
November 18-19, 2021

Previous Symposia and Workshops

2019 Symposium Workshop — Immune States Across Health and Disease
2018 Symposium Workshop — Molecules, Machines, and Medicines
2017 Symposium Workshop — Genetics, Microbes and Immunity in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
2016 Symposium Workshop — Food Allergies: Systems to Circuits
2015 Symposium Workshop — Human Immune Interactome in Health and Disease
2014 Symposium Workshop — Microbes, Metabolism and Mucosal Circuits
2013 Symposium Workshop — Signaling, Circuits and Communicaiton in Health and Disease
2012 Symposium Workshop — Inflammatory Bowel Disease Interactome
2011 Symposium Workshop — Genomes, Tools and Technologies in Human Disease
2010 Symposium Workshop — Gene-Environment Interactions in Health and Disease
2009 Symposium Workshop — Integrating Innate and Adaptive Immunity in Complex Human Diseases
2008 Symposium Workshop — Autophagy in Immunity

Workshop Themes in Previous Years

Past themes of Annual Workshops (begun in the second year of the CSIBD) include:

  • Host-Microbial Interactions at Mucosal Surfaces in Health and Disease (2007)
  • The Phagosome and the Immune/Inflammatory Response (2006)
  • Immunological Memory (2005)
  • Inventing and Re-Inventing the GI Tract Stem Cells, Development and Differentiation (2004)
  • Immune Regulatory Networks (2003)
  • Microbial-Mucosal Interactions (2002)
  • NF-κB in Host Defense: Genetics, Biochemistry and Function (2001)
  • Antigen Presentation at Mucosal Surfaces (2000)
  • Paradigms of Microbial-Mucosal Interaction: Physiology and Pathophysiology (1999)
  • Lymphocytes and IBD: Current Paradigms of Disease Mechanisms and Treatment (1998)
  • Intestinal Epithelium: Immune and Inflammatory Responses (1997)
  • Identifying the Genetic Basis of IBD (1996)
  • Genetic Models of IBD (1994)
  • Bioactive Luminal Peptides (1993)
  • Intraepithelial Lymphocytes and their Function (1992)