The CSIBD organizes an Annual Symposium and Workshop that focuses on an area of investigation relevant to IBD. This multi-day event features internationally renowned speakers, over half of whom travel from outside Boston to present their research to the CSIBD community.

Previous Symposia and Workshops

2019 Symposium Workshop — Immune States Across Health and Disease
2018 Symposium Workshop — Molecules, Machines, and Medicines
2017 Symposium Workshop — Genetics, Microbes and Immunity in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
2016 Symposium Workshop — Food Allergies: Systems to Circuits
2015 Symposium Workshop — Human Immune Interactome in Health and Disease
2014 Symposium Workshop — Microbes, Metabolism and Mucosal Circuits
2013 Symposium Workshop — Signaling, Circuits and Communicaiton in Health and Disease
2012 Symposium Workshop — Inflammatory Bowel Disease Interactome
2011 Symposium Workshop — Genomes, Tools and Technologies in Human Disease
2010 Symposium Workshop — Gene-Environment Interactions in Health and Disease
2009 Symposium Workshop — Integrating Innate and Adaptive Immunity in Complex Human Diseases
2008 Symposium Workshop — Autophagy in Immunity

Workshop Themes in Previous Years

Past themes of Annual Workshops (begun in the second year of the CSIBD) include:

  • Host-Microbial Interactions at Mucosal Surfaces in Health and Disease (2007)
  • The Phagosome and the Immune/Inflammatory Response (2006)
  • Immunological Memory (2005)
  • Inventing and Re-Inventing the GI Tract Stem Cells, Development and Differentiation (2004)
  • Immune Regulatory Networks (2003)
  • Microbial-Mucosal Interactions (2002)
  • NF-κB in Host Defense: Genetics, Biochemistry and Function (2001)
  • Antigen Presentation at Mucosal Surfaces (2000)
  • Paradigms of Microbial-Mucosal Interaction: Physiology and Pathophysiology (1999)
  • Lymphocytes and IBD: Current Paradigms of Disease Mechanisms and Treatment (1998)
  • Intestinal Epithelium: Immune and Inflammatory Responses (1997)
  • Identifying the Genetic Basis of IBD (1996)
  • Genetic Models of IBD (1994)
  • Bioactive Luminal Peptides (1993)
  • Intraepithelial Lymphocytes and their Function (1992)