Enrichment activities offered by the Center for the Study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Annual CSIBD Symposium & Workshop

The CSIBD conducts an Annual Symposium and Workshop focusing on an area of basic investigation relevant to IBD and the research community. This multi-day event hosts internationally renowned speakers, over half of whom travel from outside Boston to present their work to the CSIBD community.

The Symposium is highly effective in providing a forum for Center investigators, especially those receiving support through the Pilot and Feasibility Program, to share their most recent work. The Annual Symposium is coupled with a Workshop, the topics for which are chosen to complement the scientific interests within the CSIBD while simultaneously introducing new areas of interest to explore. Workshops are organized to involve participation of investigators from around the country and abroad in an area of focused discussion and a format that allows extended interaction.

Seminar Series

The CSIBD supports seminar series presented by investigators within the Boston area research community as well as from other national and international institutions. In conjunction with their seminar, speakers from outside the Boston area typically spend one to two days at the Center offering the opportunity for investigators and trainees to meet with them to discuss research interests.

Over the past 30 years, CSIBD faculty have held seminars in which young investigators or postdoctoral fellows discuss ongoing IBD- and digestive disease-related research progress. These highly interactive sessions have provided invaluable input to investigators in guiding future work and have stimulated many new collaborations.

Annual Molecular Biology Course

Our annual summer course, Current Techniques in Molecular Genetics, attracts an average of 200 attendees comprised predominantly of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from the laboratories of CSIBD investigators as well as young investigators. Updated yearly, the course provides a series of lectures on the use of modern research tools to explore broader biological questions.

Special Collaborative Seminars

The CSIBD Enrichment Program has a history of facilitating the exchange of information between affiliated institutions through a series of special seminars designed to promote collaboration.