Each summer, the Center for the Study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease offers a Current Techniques in Molecular Genetics course for CSIBD members as well as their staff and trainees.

30th Annual Summer Course
Current Techniques in Molecular Genetics 2020

Monday July 20 through Friday July 31

Below is the program for the 2019 course.

29th Annual Summer Course:
Current Techniques in Molecular Genetics 2019
Monday, July 15 through Friday, July 26
Massachusetts General Hospital, Main Campus, 55 Fruit Street
O'Keefe Auditorium
Hans-Christian Reinecker, Course Director

Dietary control of stem cells in physiology and disease

Omer Yilmaz Monday, July 15 8:30 am

Gut-liver-brain physiomimetics for the multimic studies of acute and chronic inflammation

Martin Trapecar Monday, July 15 9:30 am

Single-cell genomic approaches for understanding human barrier tissue dysfunction

Jose Ordovas-Montanes Wednesday, July 17 8:30 am

Detection of protein expression by immnocytochemistry

Sylvie Breton Wednesday, July 17 9:30 am

Gene discovery

Mark Daly Friday, July 19 8:30 am

Understanding human health and disease at the single-cell level

Orr Ashenberg Friday, July 19 9:30 am

Improving efficiency of CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing in mice

Lin Wu Monday, July 22 8:30 am

Structure, function and detection of noncoding RNAs

Alan Mullen Monday, July 22 9:30 am

Advances in CRISPR genome editing for the modeling and treatment of disease

Benjamin Kleinstiver Wednesday, July 24 8:30 am

Epigenetics 101: Basic theory and lab techniques

Kate Jeffrey Wednesday, July 24 9:30 am

Multi'omics for the human microbiome

Curtis Huttenhower Friday, July 26 8:30 am

Towards the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease via rational manipulation of the gut microbiome

Brantley Hall Friday, July 26 9:30 am