The Research Space Management Group helps to guide the use of research space at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Mission Statement

The Research Space Management Group fosters an equitable and cost-effective use of research space and resources through data collection, unbiased analysis, and efficient project management while maintaining Massachusetts General Hospital and government policies. Partnering with the Mass General research community and hospital leadership, RSMG provides operational and client services to facilitate research efforts.

Requests for changes in research space allocation or configuration must originate in writing from the President or the General Executive Council, from ECOR, or from the director of a recognized research unit (with the endorsement of the appropriate service chief, center director or program director). Requests should provide adequate background information to permit an initial evaluation

Goals of the Research Space Management Group

  • Optimize use of available research space
  • Improve and coordinate processes for planning, allocation and renovation of research space
  • Prospectively identify needed reconfiguration or addition of research space, and assist in long-range institutional research space planning for new and existing programs
  • Coordinate research space management with broader institutional strategic planning