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Explore current research projects in the Department of Neurology or search our open clinical trials and medical research studies.
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    HEALEY ALS Platform Trial

    Borrowing from successes in cancer drug development, the Healey Center and NEALS faculty are leading the first ALS Platform Trial.

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    Bacskai Lab at MIND

    Brian Bacskai's laboratory uses sophisticated optical techniques to address fundamental questions in Alzheimer's disease research.

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    Badr Lab

    The Badr lab is focused on studying the genetic drivers of malignancy and treatment resistance as well as developing targeted and experimental therapeutics for brain tumors.

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    Breakefield Laboratory: Xandra O. Breakefield

    The Breakefield laboratory uses molecular genetic techniques to understand the cause of inherited neurological diseases and to develop vectors which can deliver genes to the nervous system for therapeutic purposes.

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    Center for Rare Neurological Diseases

    The Mass General Center for Rare Neurological Diseases (CRND) aims to eradicate rare disorders of the nervous system by leveraging the power of biological insights towards design and implementation of clinical trials.

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