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    Advanced Tissue Resource Center (ATRC)

    The ATRC in the Department of Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital serves as a molecular and anatomic neuropathology resource for the Boston neuroscience community.

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    Array Tomography Core

    The Array Tomography Core, part of the Neurosciences Center at Massachusetts General Hospital, offers array tomography imaging services and in vivo multiphoton imaging.

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    HEALEY ALS Platform Trial

    Borrowing from successes in cancer drug development, the Healey Center and NEALS faculty are leading the first ALS Platform Trial.

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    PREVENT ALS is an initiative with big goals: Stopping ALS in its tracks – before it begins.

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    Bacskai Lab at MIND

    Brian Bacskai's laboratory uses sophisticated optical techniques to address fundamental questions in Alzheimer's disease research.

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    Badr Lab

    The Badr lab is focused on studying the genetic drivers of malignancy and treatment resistance as well as developing targeted and experimental therapeutics for brain tumors.

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    Biorepository for Neurological Injury

    The Biorepository for Neurological Injury provides data to help researchers understand how genes and other factors contribute to risk of brain disease, recovery from brain injuries and the maintenance of a healthy brain.

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