About Lena Beste

Specialty: Acupuncture
Education/Training: Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine: Northwestern Health Sciences University
Certifications: Licensed Acupuncturist (MA and MN boards of medicine, Diplomate of Acupuncture - NCCAOM)
Years in practice: Since 2009
Years at MGHCC: Since 2018

What drew you to your specialty? I knew I wanted to work in health care but was looking for a holistic modality that could treat the entire experience of a person, with a focus on the mind/body connection. I found that in acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

What is your favorite part of your job? Listening and hearing people’s personal experiences - being able to help them feel better in those experiences or simply acknowledge how hard things can be. I love that acupuncture always has a way to treat a person wherever they are that day, physically and emotionally.

What would you like to tell patients and their families about integrative therapies and your specialty? Acupuncture is not an alternative to anything. It is a supplemental medicine that works in complement with all of the amazing and groundbreaking medical treatments utilized at the cancer center at MGH to help you heal.

Departments, Centers & Programs: