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Migraine is a leading cause of disability worldwide and is more likely to affect women than men. In fact, women make up 85% of migraine sufferers. Despite its prevalence and known associations with an increased risk of other health complications, there are many questions still unknownones that many researchers are working hard to understand.  

In this episode of Charged, Andrea Harriott, MD, PHD, neurologist and clinician researcher, discusses the associations between migraine and other health complications like stroke and preeclampsia, the significant gender disparity amongst migraine sufferers, and her innovative work in the lab and at the bedside of patients with migraine disorders. 

About the Guest

Andrea Harriott, MD, PhD, is a neurologist and researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital. She has spent her career using basic science and community outreach to investigate the mechanisms underlying chronic pain and is focused on how migraines and stroke impact women’s health. 

While studying for her medical degree at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Dr. Harriott first became interested in migraine disorders after learning that her mentor suffered from them as well as migraine-related stroke. 

Dr. Harriott’s research focuses on uncovering the connection between migraines and strokes as well as how to mitigate the risks. Additionally, Dr. Harriott is interested to understand more about the racial disparities that exist within these conditions. For instance, Black women have higher rates of stroke than any other racial ethnic group. To address this gap, Dr. Harriott is involved with Community Conversations, where she and other doctors connect with Black women in the community to discuss their health in a comfortable environment. 

Dr. Harriott completed here predoctoral training at the Pittsburgh Center for Pain Research and her residency in neurology at Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville.  

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