Tips to prepare for your visit

  • Check all your diabetes medications and supplies to make sure you have enough for a 6- month supply. Make sure to check expiration dates. Please bring a list of what you will need over the next 6-months and the diabetes team will give you prescriptions at your visit.
    Use the Medication and Supply Checklist below to check your diabetes supplies.
  • Your school may need medications and supplies also. Make sure your school has enough additional medications or supplies for you.
  • Please bring the fax number and phone number of your school. This helps the diabetes team fax orders or changes to the school nurse.
  • Review any information you keep about your diabetes management (log books, carb counting, insulin record). Think about what is going well with diabetes. What is not going well? What skills are you interested in learning?
  • Please download and bring reports from your insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor (CGM, if using) for the past 2 weeks. You will get more out of your visit if you think about your diabetes management, challenges you may be facing or information or skills you are interested in learning.
  • If you have seen an eye doctor since your last visit, we will need a copy of the report. If you have seen an eye doctor in the Mass General Brigham (MGB) HealthCare System, we will have a copy of the report here in your medical record. If you see an eye doctor outside of the MGB HealthCare System, please call their office and have them send you the report so you can bring it to the visit. You can also ask them to fax it to your diabetes team at 617-724-0581 Attention: Pediatric Diabetes Coordinator.
  • If you have received a flu shot or pneumococcal vaccine since your last visit, please bring the date of the vaccine with you.
  • Think about any questions you have for the diabetes team. We recommend you write those questions down and bring them with you.

Medication and Supply Checklist

___ Insulin for injection (long-acting and shortacting)
___ Insulin for pump
___ Backup insulin for pump failure
___ Glucose gel and/or tablets
___ Glucagon
___ Syringes and/or pen needles
___ Blood glucose supplies
___ Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) supplies
___ Lancets and lancet device
___ Blood glucose meter test strips
___ Blood or urine ketone test strips
___ Alcohol swabs
___ Log book
___ Medic Alert® Bracelet
___ Backup batteries for all devices

Rev. 5/2020. Mass General for Children and Massachusetts General Hospital do not endorse any of the brands listed on this handout. This handout is intended to provide health information so that you can be better informed. It is not a substitute for medical advice and should not be used to treatment of any medical conditions.