Patient Gateway, sponsored by Massachusetts General Hospital and Mass General Brigham, provides secure, online access to your health information whenever you need it.

Secure, convenient online access for your child’s health information whenever you need it.

Mass General for Children now offers Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway. This online tool helps you talk securely with your physician’s office, see your child’s health records and read health education materials.

Why should I sign up for Patient Gateway?

Peace of mind, and it’s easy! You can use Patient Gateway to:

Photo of mom and child looking at computer monitor.
Connecting with your child's doctor's office has never been easier.
  • Access and print out your child’s school and camp health forms and vaccination records
  • Talk with your physician’s office through e-mail
  • Ask for appointments, referrals and prescription renewals
  • Set up email reminders for scheduled appointments
  • See lab and imaging results
  • Browse a library of trusted health and disease information

How do I sign up?

Visit Patient Gateway for directions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Patient Gateway different for teens?

If your child is age 12 or younger, you may access Patient Gateway by filling out the Patient Care Representative (PCR) Access Authorization Form. If your child is age 13 or older, both you and your teen must sign up together.

Why does my teen need to approve my access to Patient Gateway?

Most teens can’t make health care decisions on their own. But they may have unique privacy concerns. Because of this, the law treats the sharing of medical information differently for teens than for children. Patient Gateway’s access rules follow these laws.

How can I help my teen participate in his or her health care?

Help your teen set up a self account. With a self account, your teen can:

  • See his or her own information
  • Talk with the physician’s office

You and your teen will still need to complete the Patient Care Representative (PCR) sign-up paperwork.

What happens when my 12-year-old becomes a teen?

You and your teen must sign a form to keep your account. You will be reminded one month before your child’s 13th birthday.

What happens when my teen becomes an adult?

As a parent or legal guardian, your account will automatically cancel when your teen turns 18. A parent, teen or physician’s office can ask for the Patient Gateway Account to be cancelled at any time.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions about Patient Gateway?

You can contact your child’s practice if you have additional questions about signing your child up for Patient Gateway.

Patient Gateway is not for emergency situations. Visit Patient Gateway for our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Remember: Log on to Patient Gateway to activate your account as soon as you get your temporary password. Connect to get convenience, access and peace of mind!