Eduardo Garcia-Zepeda, PhD  (1995-1999)

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico


Howard Kesselman, MD  (1995-1997)

Pulmonary and Critical Care Physician, Steward Health Care System


Michelle Dziejman, PhD  (1996-1998)

Associate Professor, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry


Sylvie Abi-Younes, MD  (1996-2000)

Allergy private practice, Massachusetts


Alain Sauty, MD  (1997-1999)

University Hospital Lausanne, Switzerland


Andrew Tager, MD  (1997-2005)

Associate Professor, Massachusetts General Hospital


Robyn Klein, MD, PhD  (1993-2003)

Professor, Washington University School of Medicine


Anuja Mathew, PhD  (1999-2002)

Research Associate Professor, University of Rhode Island


Gabriele Campanella, PhD  (1999-2010)

Co-Founder, Wilberforce International School of Poverty Alleviation and Development


Jennifer Dufour, PhD

Above Brands Medical Director, Global Medical Affairs - Inflammation, Pfizer


Mustapha Si-Tahar, PhD  (2000)

Director, CEPR, INSERM


Richard Colvin, MD, PhD  (2000-2009)

Senior Translational Medicine Expert, Novartis


Joseph El Khoury, MD  (2000-2005)

Associate Professor, Massachusetts General Hospital


Benjamin Medoff, MD  (2000-2006)

Associate Professor and Chief, Pulmonary and Critical Care Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital


Shannon Bromley, PhD  (2001-2007)

Assistant Professor, Massachusetts General Hospital


Terry Means, PhD  (2001-2007)

Associate Professor, Massachusetts General Hospital


Fumitaka Hayashi, MD, PhD  (2001-2004)

Psychiatrist, New York


Carolyn (Fleming) Fruci, MD, PhD  (2001-2004)

Chief, Pulmonary and Critical Care Division, PrimaCARE


Sabina Islam, MD  (2001-2011)

Assistant Professor, Massachusetts General Hospital


Christoph Hess, MD, PhD  (2002-2004)

Professor and Head of Medical Outpatient Department and Immunobiology Laboratory, University Hospital Basel


Qian Yuan, MD, PhD  (2002-2006)

Associate Pediatrician, Massachusetts General Hospital


Sandra Hong, MD  (2002-2003)

Staff Physician, Cleveland Clinic


Peter La Camera, MD  (2003-2006)

Chief, Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, Steward Health Care System, Boston, MA


Ed Seung, PhD  (2003-2011)

Senior Research Investigator, Global Biotherapeutics, Sanofi


Nancy Kim, MD  (2003-2004; 2005-2012)

Director, Clinical Research, Translational Pharmacology, Merck


Shaza Fadel, PhD  (2004-2008)

Research Fellow, Centre for Global Health Research, St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, Canada


Richard Chou, MD, PhD  (2004-2009)

Assistant Professor, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center


Diana Brainard, MD  (2004-2007)

Senior Director, Clinical Research, Liver Diseases, Gilead Sciences


Zamaneh Mikhak, MD  (2004-2011)

Senior Director, Clinical Research and Development, Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals


Seddon Thomas, PhD  (2005-2007)  (Predoctoral training: 2000-2005)

Research Scientist, NIEHS, NIH


Banu Karimi-Shah, MD  (2005-2006)

Medical Officer, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, US Food and Drug Administration


Paul Hesterberg, MD  (2005-2006)

Associate Physician, Massachusetts General Hospital


Barry Shea, MD  (2006-2009)

Assistant Professor, Brown University


Robert Friday, MD, PhD  (2006-2011)

Chief, Rheumatology, Newton-Wellesley Hospital


Yung Chung, MD  (2007-2010)

Associate Director, Global Medical Affairs, Genzyme


Manuela Funke, MD  (2007-2009)

Attending, Pulmonary Medicine, Universitatsklinik fur Pneumologie, Switzerland


Joanna Groom, PhD  (2007-2011)

Laboratory Head, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Australia


Roshi Afshar, PhD  (2007-2013)

Scientist, Merck


Flavia Castelino, MD  (2008-2011)

Assistant Professor, Massachusetts General Hospital


Autumn Guyer, MD  (2009-2010)

Allergist & Immunologist, UCSF Medical Center


Christian Sadik, MD  (2009-2012)

Assistant Professor, Department of Dermatology, Allergy and Venerology, University Hospital Lubeck, Germany


Sebastian Unizony, MD  (2010-2011)

Assistant Professor, Massachusetts General Hospital


Nori Sakai, MD, PhD  (2010-2013)

Assistant Professor and Vice Chair, Division of Blood Purification, Department of Nephrology, Kanazawa University


Jillian Richmond, PhD  (2011-2012)

Instructor, University of Massachusetts Medical Center

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