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Jiahui International Hospital is a 500-bed tertiary hospital located in downtown Shanghai's Xuhui District, China. Jiahui provides safe, reliable and comprehensive care across a wide spectrum of conditions including cancer care, pediatrics, obstetrics/gynecology and more. Massachusetts General Hospital and Jiahui’s collaboration began in 2012 to share medical expertise, collaborate on patient care and advance Jiahui’s mission to provide international quality healthcare in China. This close collaboration with Jiahui offers Mass General patients a trusted local option for care when returning home to Shanghai.

Jiahui International Hospital includes clinics, a wellness center and a team of healthcare professionals from across the globe. Jiahui’s digital solutions allow patients to access a range of medical services, make appointments and manage their health profiles at the touch of a button. Jiahui also provides direct billing services through the city’s insurance as well as most major commercial insurance companies in China. Jiahui is fully compliant with Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) guidelines and Joint Commission International (JCI) standards. The hospital's design and construction is LEED Gold-certified, the globally recognized standard for achievement in environmental sustainability.

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Jiahui’s Medical Services

Jiahui International Cancer Center

The Jiahui International Cancer Center provides multidisciplinary cancer care in the following areas:
  • Breast
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Lung 
  • Thyroid
  • Myeloma
  • Lymphoma
The Mass General Cancer Center advises Jiahui across the spectrum of its multidisciplinary cancer care services. Through the course of our collaboration, Jiahui has sent more than 600 clinical and administrative staff to our campus in Boston, and leading specialists from our Mass General Cancer Center frequently visit Jiahui to share research, discuss frontier technologies, and provide diagnostic services. Mass General and Jiahui have also created a shared multidisciplinary consultation platform that aligns care standards between our two hospitals. This platform helps our physicians coordinate on diagnosis and treatment options for cancer patients in China. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, our two hospitals held five joint cancer symposiums for the public on such topics as gastrointestinal cancer, breast cancer, and immunotherapy. Of considerable note, Jiahui International Cancer Center has established the first immuno-oncology treatment center at an international hospital in China.

Joint Tumor Board

An important part of the Mass General collaboration with the Jiahui International Cancer Center is building a culture of cross-discipline treatment planning. That means that medical, radiation, pathology and surgical oncologists work together to ensure patients benefit from a team of multi-disciplinary experts at both hospitals.

Small photos of all the Mass General Cancer Center physicians and the Jiahui International Cancer Center Tumor Board.
The Jiahui International Cancer Center Tumor Board with Mass General Cancer Center physicians.

Immunotherapy and Oncology Treatment

As the first center for immuno-oncology (IO) treatment in China, the Immune-Oncology Center of Excellence at Jiahui International Hospital has received its first patient and completed the first infusion of O-medicine. (PD-1 antibody drug Opdivo) on August 29, 2018. The development of this program at Jiahui was guided by the Mass General Cancer Center, which has been using PD-1 immunotherapy for more than eight years and treating more than 20,000 cancer patients, making the Mass General Cancer Center one of the most experienced facilities for providing immunotherapy to patients from around the world. Mass General is proudly guiding Jiahui International Cancer Center as it brings this innovative treatment to China.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

The Jiahui Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology provides comprehensive care for women. Patient care services available through the Jiahui Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology include:
  • Gynecology Services
  • Obstetrics
  • Family Planning Services
  • Minimally-invasive Gynecologic Surgeries.


Jiahui provides pediatric medical services for the following:

  • Medical care and prevention guidance for common, frequently-occurring and chronic pediatric diseases
  • Regular check-up and developmental assessment
  • Instructions on infant feeding and nurturing
  • Diagnosis and treatment of pediatric endocrine disorders
  • Prevention and treatment of pediatric allergies
  • Instructions on nutrition problems such as malnutrition or obesity
  • Preventive vaccination
  • Childhood asthma
  • Pediatric surgeries for common congenital diseases
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Vesicoureteral refux
  • Post-infectious glomerulonephritis
  • Nephrotic syndrome
  • Urolithiasis

Women’s Health Center

Jiahui offers several services for women, including:
  • Obstetric services
  • Gynecology services
  • Family planning services
  • Breast health services
  • Dermatology
  • Vein health services
  • Mental health services
  • Wellness services

For a full list of Jiahui’s medical services, visit their website.

Patient Resources at Jiahui

Mass General Follow-Up Care at Jiahui

Mass General patients returning home to Shanghai may require local follow-up care and often request our recommendation for a local provider. Jiahui is a trusted local option for our patients’ follow-up care and allows for ongoing coordination with and access to their Mass General medical team.

Remote Second Opinions

Through teleconferencing technology at Jiahui International Hospital, patients can conduct a remote consultation with a Mass General specialist to review their medical cases and together determine the best next steps. This provides patients with local, cost-effective access to physicians at one of America’s leading hospitals, preventing the need to travel unless clinically necessary.

Care Coordination Services in China

  • Coordination of follow-up treatment at Jiahui International Hospital after returning from Mass General
  • Coordination of remote follow–up consultations with Mass General through Jiahui International Hospital
  • Coordination of appointments, financial planning, and medical record transfer related to your treatment at Jiahui International Hospital
  • Other concierge services upon request


How Mass General Collaborates with Jiahui

Weekly Joint Tumor Board Sessions

Jiahui International Cancer Center and Mass General Cancer Center hold weekly Tumor Board sessions to review every cancer patient’s treatment plan in order to provide each patient with world-class international cancer care.

Radiotherapy Treatment Plan Reviews

Jiahui International Cancer Center and Mass General Cancer Center hold peer reviews for each radiation oncology case to ensure that treatment plans meet or beat international standards.

Joint Clinical Consultation from Mass General

Consultants from Mass General are regularly on-site, providing joint clinical consultation services to patients at Jiahui. This permits patients to have face-to-face consultations with Mass General specialists without the cost and burden of overseas travel.

Sharing Mass General’s Research Prowess

Mass General Cancer Center physician research and Jiahui International Cancer Center regularly hold discussions on the latest clinical research and share their experiences on novel cancer drugs.

Joint Continuing Medical Education Symposiums to Benefit Other Doctors in China

Mass General and Jiahui hold several symposiums together each year, hosted at Jiahui International Hospital in Shanghai, to delve into the latest advancements, treatments and research in clinical topics. Pictured above: Mass General and Jiahui hold an international symposium on Gastric and Colorectal cancers at Jiahui International Hospital, Shanghai in 2018.

Joint Events for Patients and Families in China

Mass General and Jiahui oncologists shared insights with patients and families at a cancer patient and caregivers workshop held at Jiahui International Hospital in Shanghai.

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Mass General Advisory Services

Mass General Advisory Services

Mass General offers a multitude of global consulting and alliance opportunities.

Mass General Cancer Center

Mass General Cancer Center

Learn about the Mass General Cancer Center, which has led the collaboration with Jiahui.