Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening or bleaching can be performed safely in our office by trained professionals

About This Procedure

Teeth whitening or bleaching has become a very popular and common procedure, allowing you to increase the whiteness of your teeth by several levels using peroxide formulations. For many people, home preparations available over-the-counter provide adequate whitening of healthy teeth. If you are uncomfortable managing these chemicals at home we can provide a whitening procedure by trained professionals in the comfort of our office. 

It is a good idea to discuss whitening with your dentist or hygienist before undertaking any procedure on your own. Trained professionals can help you to set reasonable expectations and offer any cautions based on your personal dental hygiene. Because the process of whitening of teeth may soften or damage the tooth's enamel, your dentist or hygienist may also recommend fluoride treatments in conjunction with your whitening procedure.


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