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Occasionally, the oral cavity may sustain significant damage due to trauma or oral disease. In such cases, the patient may require extensive full-mouth reconstruction using a variety of techniques, including implants, crown and bridge, and full or partial dentures. Our prosthodontic services provide one-stop care for full mouth rehabilitation.

In the Division of Dentistry, we have an orthodontic specialist with expertise in the management of cleft lip and palate patients. We also have generalists and a prosthodontist who often become involved in the care and follow-up of cleft lip or cleft palate patients. All of our specialists work in concert with Mass General's multi-specialty cleft lip/palate team to provide the most comprehensive and specialized care available.

About the Division of Dentistry

The Massachusetts General Hospital Division of Dentistry is a hospital-based group practice containing multiple dental specialists under one roof. Like traditional dental practices, we are open to the public and provide all aspects of preventive, therapeutic and restorative dental care.