About Judy Bloom, NP, MSN

Ms. Bloom has been practicing as a registered nurse for 32 years after graduating from Boston University School of Nursing in 1988. She started her nursing career at Tuft’s Medical Center where she worked on a general medical/surgical floor, then on a step down unit where she first cared for the liver transplant patient. She moved to the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, where her concentration was care of the post-transplant patient. Later she accepted a transplant coordinator position at Tuft’s caring for both pre- and post-transplant patients under the guidance of Dr. Daniel S. Pratt. While at Tufts she was encouraged to obtain an advanced practice degree, and in September 2004 she was awarded a Master of Science from Northeastern University. In order to gain more widespread experience, she spent 5 years at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, working for 2+ years in a General Dermatology Practice and the remainder of the time in Gastroenterology, primarily caring for patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

She joined the liver transplant team at Massachusetts General Hospital in August 2010, as an Advanced Practice Nurse. Her primary responsibilities including for patients waiting for liver transplants, managing the complications related to portal hypertension and end stage liver disease, including but not limited to encephalopathy, ascites, hepatorenal syndrome and GI bleeding. She also cares for a number of post-transplant patients.

Judy has participated in numerous clinic trials. Her specific area of interest is the diagnosis of porto pulmonary hypertension, the parameters applied to this diagnosis, and the impact on patient care and cost. She is also interested in quality of life of patients with cirrhosis and palliative care in this patient population. She has participated in numerous clinical trials related to these issues. While at Tufts she was the primary author of two Liver Transplant patient teaching manuals.

Judy is an Associate Member of the American Association for the Study of Liver Disease, where she served as a mentor in the advanced practice provider mentorship program in 2017. She has given numerous presentations to MGH nursing staff, Harvard Medical students and university students related to the care of patients with cirrhosis and end of life issues. She has held certification as a Certified Clinical Transplant Coordinator, and early in hear career she served as the Region I co-chair for the UNOS fall forum. Her current certifications include: American Nurse Credentialing Center (ANCC) Certification, Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers, Registered Nurse, Massachusetts, License No.186810.

Judy remains passionate about the care of the Liver Transplant patient and forever grateful for the experiences she has had caring for this patient population under the career long mentorship of Dr. Daniel Pratt.


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