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Division of Thoracic Surgery
55 Fruit Street
Boston, MA 02114-2696
Phone: 617-726-2311
Fax: 617-726-7667

Medical Education

  • MD, Leopold-Franzens University
  • Universitat Innsbruck
  • Residency, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Residency, University Hospital Innsbruck
  • Fellowship, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Fellowship, Toronto General Hospital

American Board Certifications

  • Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery - General, American Board of Thoracic Surgery
  • Surgery, American Board of Surgery
  • Surgery, American Board of Surgery

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Dr. Harald C. Ott is a thoracic surgeon at the Massachusetts General Hospital and an Associate Professor in Surgery at the Harvard Medical School. He is best known for his work in whole organ regeneration. He discovered and perfected the method of stripping an organ of its own cells and then infusing the remaining scaffold with new progenitor cells (Perfusion Decellularized Matrix: Using Nature’s Platform for Engineering Bioartificial Heart. Nat Med. 2008 Feb; 14(2):213-21.). To date, his technology has been successfully applied to heart, liver, lung, kidney, and pancreas regeneration. This method of reseeding and engraftment with native cells potentially eliminates donor organ shortage and the need for life-long immunosuppression in transplant patients, and thus lays the path for effective solutions for the millions of people in need of organ repair or replacement. Harald’s background is in surgery (M.D.; University Innsbruck in Austria, 2000) and this training has been an asset for his chosen field of scientific research. The privilege to work with patients suffering from end organ failure provides both motivation and inspiration to continue his work in organ regeneration.



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    • Ott HC, Matthiesen TS, Goh SK, Black LD, Kren S, Netoff TI, Taylor DA. Perfusion Decellularized Matrix: Using Nature’s Platform for Engineering Bioartificial Heart. Nat Med. 2008 Feb;14(2):213-21.
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