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The Immunobiology Laboratory performs basic, translational and clinical research investigating new therapeutic concepts to treat immune disorders ranging from autoimmune disease to cancer. Under the direction of Denise Faustman, MD, PhD, the laboratory is currently conducting the BCG Human Clinical Trial Program to investigate the BCG vaccine as a treatment for established type 1 diabetes. Over 600 clinical trial subjects are under recruitment or already enrolled. Our current enrollment is focused on two different groups of children with type 1 diabetes, but we encourage type 1 diabetics of all ages to register with us at diabetestrial.org and you will receive updates.

Clinical Research

Our clinical research program is in type 1 diabetes. We are investigating whether repeat vaccination with a generic vaccine—called the bacillus Calmette-Guerin, or BCG, vaccine—can eliminate abnormal T cells, induce beneficial human regulatory T cells (Tregs) and reverse established type 1 diabetes in humans. Positive data from our Phase I study in humans were published in 2012. This data was repeated in two additional human studies in the last 5 years. A Phase II clinical trial is currently ongoing, as is a follow-up study to monitor the long-term effects of BCG vaccination in patients from the Phase I trial.

Most trials testing immune interventions in type 1 diabetes are conducted in new-onset diabetics. This clinical trial program is unique in focusing on patients with established, rather than newly diagnosed, type 1 diabetes. It is also unique in being a nonprofit drug development program (supported solely through philanthropic donations from the public and nonprofit organizations), as well as in seeking diabetes reversal using an inexpensive generic drug. For people with long standing type 1 diabetes the drug can restore blood sugars to near normal based on the ability of BCG to correct a defect in white blood cells; after BCG the type 1 diabetic white blood cells regulate blood sugars with high precision.

Basic Research

Our basic research program is focused on uncovering the basic molecular and immunological mechanisms behind human and murine immune pathogenesis and translating these findings into new innovations in the clinic. One of our findings has been that boosting or restoring tumor necrosis factor (TNF) can selectively eliminate pathogenic T cells, induce beneficial regulatory T cells (Tregs) and induce organ regeneration, permanently curing mice of both type 1 diabetes and Sjögren’s-like syndrome. This basic science research has led to the establishment of clinical trial programs using repeat BCG vaccination in diverse human autoimmune diseases, including the  BCG Human Clinical Trial Program being conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Other basic science research in our lab is focused on this discovery of novel tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily receptor (TNFSFR) function and therapeutic use One of our fundamental basic science findings in the human is that tumor necrosis factor two (TNFR2) is an identifying surface protein of the most potent Tregs, and that the TNFR2 pathway is an important signaling pathway for adult Treg fate. Based on these findings, our lab has been making and testing unique antibodies for TNFR2 with the goal of identifying antibodies that can lead to human Treg proliferation and depletion, which may have future applications in immunotherapy for both autoimmunity and cancer. We also recently collaborated with a major pharmaceutical company to discover and develop a novel therapeutic antibody targeting another TNFSF receptor, CD40.

More information about the BCG human clinical trial program, please email diabetestrial@partners.org.

Faustman Lab

Visit the Faustman Lab website at faustmanlab.org.


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