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Ongoing clinical trials for cholangiocarcinoma and pancreatic cancer: Actively recruiting


Cholangiocarcinoma, pancreatic cancer

Study title:

Endoscopic Radiofrequency Ablation of Malignant Bile Duct Strictures: A pilot study

Description of study:

This is a prospective pilot study of endoscopic ablation of a malignant bile duct stricture with ERCP guided radiofrequency ablation. Patients undergo one treatment during ERCP and resume their standard medical or surgical care after the procedure.

Basic eligibility criteria:

Patients must have evidence of biliary obstruction by imaging and laboratory testing, as well as evidence of malignancy.

Principal Investigator:

William Brugge, MD


Ebubekir Daglilar, MD, CRC; 617-724-0462

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