Barbara Moscowitz, MSW, LICSW

Barbara Moscowitz
Barbara Moscowitz

Barbara Moscowitz grew up in the Northeast and stayed in the area for college, receiving her Bachelor’s degree from Brandeis University and her Master’s degree in Social Work (MSW) from Boston College. She has spent her entire professional career at Mass. General Hospital in the Departments of Social Services and Geriatric Medicine, and has now been practicing at MGH for over 27 years. While working as an inpatient social worker in General Medicine, most of the patients Barbara encountered were older adults. This experience expanded her education and knowledge base and sparked an interest that inspired her to seek out further learning and training opportunities in that area.

Barbara finds the opportunity to meet patients and families as outpatients before crisis, and to provide counseling and education that empowers them to make important choices and decisions, to be the most rewarding part of her job. She enjoys the chance to be “proactive rather than reactive.” As a health care professional, Barbara recognizes the importance of providing guidance to both the individual patient and their family. She offers support as patients and their families learn about available resources, make lifestyle changes, and adjust to changing roles as an “aging family”. For these reasons and many others, Barbara would like her patients to know that she has always considered it a privilege to work at MGH and be a member of the Senior Health team, and she plans to continue working with and for the older population for many years to come.

Beyond the clinical setting, Barbara is currently conducting research on a wellness curriculum in the frail outpatient population, and her goal is to explore interventions that will enable chronically ill individuals to remain in their homes.

Outside of her dedication to her work and her patients, Barbara is a reading, film, and art enthusiast.

“The field of social work not only focuses on an individual’s psychological and emotional make-up, but also places tremendous value and importance on one’s culture, socioeconomic circumstances, and the unique environment in which everyone lives. That broad context is both fascinating and imperative when working with individuals and families.”
~Barbara Moscowitz

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