Massachusetts General Hospital is the first mammography facility in the US to offer a patient-assisted mammography device, which was recently featured in The Boston Globe.

Approved for clinical use by the FDA in September 2017, the Senographe Pristina™ Dueta is a digital mammography system designed to give patients control over the application of compression. Patients use a wireless handheld device to adjust compression force after breast positioning by a specialized technologist. The technologist guides the patient to gradually increase compression using the remote control and makes the final decision on whether the compression is sufficient for high-quality images.

"We have women in our community who have hesitated to get a mammogram because of the fear and discomfort,” said Mass General Director of Breast Imaging Constance D. Lehman, MD, PhD in The Boston Globe article. “We hope they see this as an alternative they might try.”

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How can I get a mammogram using patient-assisted compression?
A: You can request a mammogram using patient-assisted compression at Mass General by completing our online form or by calling 617-724-9729. If you call, please let the scheduler know you are interested in patient-assisted compression.

In a statement at the time of FDA approval, the device manufacturer said the company created patient-assisted compression to minimize the perceived pain and discomfort often associated with a mammogram. It is not yet widely available in clinics.