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A critical ingredient in systems immunology is loss-of-function perturbations. Our lab is part of a consortium that has generated genome-wide mouse and human lentiviral shRNA and CRISPR-based libraries. To take advantage of these libraries, the Broad RNAi Platform (led by David Root) has developed the expertise and technological infrastructure to apply the RNAi library to solve biological problems. We have been working closely with the RNAi Platform to address critical problems in innate and adaptive immunity.

Facilities & Equipment

We have developed and optimized protocols for the transduction of cell lines and primary cells with lentiviruses and adenoviruses encoding specific shRNA and CRISPR-Cas9 sequences targeting mouse and human genes.


The RNAi Consortium shRNA libraries are distributed as bacterial glycerol stocks, plasmid DNA or lentiviral particles by Sigma-Aldrich and as bacterial glycerol stocks by The Broad Genetic Perturbation Platform no longer directly distributes the TRC library.