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Hybrid Seminar
  Isselbacher Auditorium, CNY 149-7231
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2022-2023 Schedule

September 8, 2022
  Rachel Knipe, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital
  "Leveraging endothelial ROCK and S1PR1 signaling after lung injury to develop novel anti-fibrotic therapies"

September 15, 2022
  Tracy McGaha, PhD, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Toronto, Canada
  "Amino acid metabolism, the microbiome, and macrophage function in the tumor microenvironment"

October 20, 2022
  Cory Perugino, DO, Massachusetts General Hospital
  "Extra-follicular B cell responses and cytotoxic T cells as drivers of immune-mediated fibrosis"

October 27, 2022
  Bart Lambrecht, PhD, VIB-UGent Center for Inflammation Research, Ghent, Belgium
 "Protein crystallization as a driver of type 2 immunity"

November 9, 2022 (Note: Wednesday @ 2pm)
  Jens Stein, PhD, Universite de Fribourg
  "Analyzing CD8+ T cell biology in the tissue context"

November 10, 2022
  Gary Reynolds, MBBS, PhD, MRCP, Newcastle University
  "Transcriptional reprogramming of vascular smooth muscle cells to myofibroblasts in giant cell arteritis"

December 8, 2022
  Max Konig, MD, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
  "Precision T cell therapies for antiphospholipid syndrome"

January 26, 2023
  Lloyd Bod, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital
   "Temporal single cell profiling identifies B-cell specific checkpoint molecules that regulate anti-tumor immunity"

March 2, 2023
  Deb Sen, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital
  "Reviving tumor immunity: lessons from chronic viral infection"

March 16, 2023
  Claudia Jakubzick, PhD, Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine

April 27, 2023
  Nitya Jain, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital

May 18, 2023
  Ivan Zanoni, PhD, Boston Children's Hospital

June 1, 2023
  Ruth Franklin, PhD, Harvard Medical School